Sandberg, Peter Lars (1934- )
The Peter Lars Sandberg collection includes manuscripts, printed materials, correspondence, personal memorabilia, professional materials, and photographs.

Manuscripts include drafts for novels and play scripts by Sandberg. Novels include Wolf Mountain (1975); King's Point (1978); A Night of Broken Clouds (1990); and Love in the Breakdown Lane. Play scripts include "The Gotcha Guy;" and "Sugar Britches" (2009). Sandberg's article "On a B.U. Bus to Washington: What Was the Peace March Really Like?" and his master's thesis titled "Studies in the American Novel: Hawthorne and Melville" (1959) are also included.

Printed materials include journals such as The Literary Review, Yankee Magazine, Short Story International, and more; a copy of Substance Abuse Among Abusive/Neglectful Parents by David N. Sandberg; newspaper clippings such as "An Ethic for Students" by Sandberg, "Sandberg Opens Law Office" regarding David Sandberg, and "Attractive Opposites," an article on Peter and Nancy Sandberg; and more.

Correspondence dates from approximately 1955 to 2001 and is both personal and professional. Notables include Sandberg's mother, Julie Fallowfield, Dick Newhall, Nancy Sandberg, and more.

Personal Memorabilia includes Sandberg's report cards from elementary school to college, grade school paper titled "My Hobby," Bachelor of Science degree from Florida Southern College (1958), Master of Arts degree from University of Colorado (1959), and Nancy Sandberg's retirement scrapbook.

Professional materials include appointment books from 1964 to 1992; a folder labeled "Calloway's Climb," including reviews of Wolf Mountain; and various memos, notes, and resumes from 1993.

Photographs include color and black and white prints of Peter and Nancy Sandberg, Peter Sandberg's father, Nancy Whitman, and other friends.
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