Sanders, Joan (1924-1993)
The Joan Sanders collections includes manuscripts, printed materials, correspondence, financial materials, legal materials, photographs, artwork, notebooks, and personal memorabilia.

Manuscripts include drafts for novels, short stories, and poetry by Sanders. Novels include The Devoted Mistress (1959); The Nature of Witches (1961); My Castles and Lands; Montespan (1963); Other Lips and Other Hearts (1982); and The Breath of the Panther. Short stories include "All the Girls I Knew;"  "The Boxer Rebellion;" "I Was Burned Alive;" "Shadow in the House;" and more. Poetry includes "Time Told by the Heart;" "Summer 1661;" and "Tumbleweed;" among others. Also included are drafts of works by other authors such as Paul Brooks, Lawrence Hill, Lois Langland, Craig Sanders, and more.

Printed materials include various newspaper clippings from publications such as The Daily American, The Ogden Standard Examiner, The Utah Chronicle, Weber College Post, and others; book reviews by Sandberg regarding works such as The Watch by Rick Bass (1989); programs for various lectures, University of Utah commencement, Boston Symphony Orchestra (1970), and more; various musical scores by Gail Kubik; and much more.

Correspondence dates from approximately 1946 to 1993 and is both personal and professional. Notables include Paul Brooks, Curtis Brown,  Gail Kubik, Robert Moore, Craig and Carol Sanders, Houghton Mifflin Co, and various other publishers, family, and friends.

Other items include legal materials, such as agreements with various publishers; financial records regarding various publishing companies; photographs of Sanders, family, friends, as well as prints of Louis XIV and Gail Kubik; some pencil and ink sketches; notebooks regarding works by Sanders; and her graduation diploma from University of Utah (1945).
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