Sann, Paul (1914-1986)
The Paul Sann collection includes manuscripts, printed material, financial material, photographs, scrapbooks, legal material, memorabilia, audio, and other material.

Manuscripts in the collection include unpublished novel drafts by Sann for Dark February, Dark December, Call Back The Dream, and a fragment of One Love.  The collection also includes various screenplays and outlines for various films such as "Dead Heat," "Florrie," "Hide, Seek, and Die," "Kilo," and "The Other Side of the Tunnel." 

Printed materials include magazines dating from 1937 to 1985, some of which include articles by Sann; book covers for The Angry Decade: The Sixties, American Panorama, and Dead Heat; book review for The Lawless Decade; various newspaper articles; advertising posters; pamphlets; and a proof for The Mob.

Financial material in the collection includes tax forms dating from 1979 to 1985 and estate records.

Photographs include various images regarding Fads, Follies, Delusions; and slides dated 1953-1958 regarding vacations and family events.

There are numerous scrapbooks in the collection, both personal and professional, including those regarding Kill the Dutchman and Lawless Decade; Sann’s childhood; articles by Sann; assorted fan letters; and four scrapbooks dating 1954 to 1961 regarding "It Happened All Over," Sann’s column in the The New York Post; and others.

Legal material in the collection includes passports, immunization documents, and Sann’s birth certificate.

Memorabilia in the collection includes a plaque from the New York Police Department giving Paul Sann permission to cross police and fire lines anytime (1977); and a plaque of a 1977 newspaper column by Pete Hamill in honor of Sann, among other materials.

Audio recordings in the collection include four audio tapes for "A Tribute to Paul Sann"; various additional tapes of dictated novels; and a record album containing 14 records mostly containing interviews with Paul Sann.

Other materials in the collection a VHS tape regarding the McNeil Report (1978); a drawing of Paul Sann; research files regarding Dark December; and subject files on various topics such as Jesse James, organized crime, and Dutch Schultz.
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