Scarfe, Francis (1911-1986)
The Francis Scarfe collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, scrapbooks, and other material.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of poetry, plays, novels, criticism and other published works with notes by Scarfe. Manuscripts for poems include "Kent Summer School-Sea Horse" (1948); "Angry Elegies" (1949); "Tyne Dock" (1964); "Underworlds" (1964); and an envelope containing three unpublished poetry collections with various sketches and notes. Manuscripts for plays include The Poor Man's Lawyer (1946) and Calypso (1950). Novel manuscripts include Man's Desiring. Other manuscripts include the short story "Black Lace" as well as several articles and editorials.

Correspondence in the collection consists of both personal and professional items ranging from 1931 to 1959. Notable correspondents include Joyce Cary, Cyril Connolly, Georges Duthuit, T.S. Elliot, Christopher Hassall, Thomas Lionel Hodgkin, Kathleen Raine, Laura Riding, Peter Russell, Stephen Spender, Julian Symons, Ruthven Todd and Henry Treece among others. Additional professional correspondence includes letters with Fortune Press, The Ministry of Information (France), and the publisher's agreement for Ode to Christ and other Poems.

The collection contains a scrapbook of clippings of various works with attached correspondence regarding each work, including letters from Joyce Whitehouse and Stephen Spender.

Journals include two journals titled "Journal VII Oct. 1936, 1937" with references to T.S. Elliot and Dylan Thomas; and "Small Touches Journal 1967." Other personal material includes a photograph from 1951 and an identification card for entrance to the library of the Universitè De Paris.
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1. Scarfe, Francis, 1911-1986
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