Schonberg, Harold C. (1915-2003)
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The Harold Schonberg collection represents a comprehensive archive of the complete works of this music critic and author. The collection consists of countless printed material consisting of published columns, reviews, articles, and books along with extensive research materials. The collection also contains serval manuscripts, countless correspondences, notebooks, scrapbooks, photographs and a vast collection of holograph notes.

The main body of the collection consists of printed material and manuscripts pertaining to Schonberg's hundreds of published articles. These include printed versions of reviews, articles, editorials, columns, and various essays along with the research material for each article. In general, the printed material for each article contains the program from the given performance or event with profuse holograph notes and the article itself in drafts revisions and final versions. The collection covers Schonberg’s published writings from 1946-2000. In addition to the articles, reviews, columns, and editorials written for various newspapers and magazines (though mostly for the New York Times), the collection also contains extensive material on Schonberg’s book reviews, critical essays, and books. 

Also contained in the collection are several scrapbooks of music programs from 1880-1885, as well as mounted clippings and reviews and numerous hand written notebooks detailing travels to Europe, Russia, and Asia.

Miscellaneous printed items include various musical news releases, newsletters, reviews, clippings, programs, brochures, etc. used by Schonberg as research for reviews and articles.  Also collected are many of Schonberg’s personal collection of musical journals, magazines, books, and clippings.

Manuscripts in the collection include drafts with extensive notes, additions, picture captions, layouts, illustrations, proofs, as well as numerous pages of holograph notes regarding his published books. Most numerous among these are from The Great Conductors, Grand Masters of Chess, Lives of the Great Composers, and The Great Pianists.    

Correspondence in the collection is extensive, and consists of both personal and professional letters.  Schonberg was in contact with many different critics, musicians, singers, composers, conductors, journalists, and other influential members of the musical community. Notable correspondents include Virgil Thomson, Lawrence Leonard, Henry Levine, Mark Schubert, Robert Hughes, Edward Gordon, Alfred Knopf, Jacques Barzun, James Fields, John Holt, Alfred Drake, Anthony Lewis, Lukas Foss, Harold Bloomfield, Louis Ballard, Dick Manning, Peggy Wood,  Caldwell Titcomb, John Crosby, Stanley Kaufmann, Igor Stravinsky, Peter Adler, John D. Rockefeller, Gene Shalit , and Henry Steinway.

There are several photographs in the collection mostly consisting of various subjects including Schonberg himself, professional gatherings, performances, music festivals, panels, and award ceremonies. Notable subjects include Cheryl Crawford, Ralph Gustafson, and Paul Hume. Also contained in the collection are many pictures regarding Schonberg’s travels around Europe Russia and Asia.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes scrapbooks from Schonberg's travels, a large collection of personal musical scores, extensive chess research material including notes and memorabilia from his reporting on the chess championship in Iceland, score sheets, programs, and press releases. IN addition the collection contains materials such as student profiles, a graduation diploma from Brooklyn College (1937),and  the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism for Distinguished Criticism as well as newspaper and magazines clippings and Schonberg’s life time membership to the Music Critics Association.  
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