Shayon, Robert Lewis (1912-2008)
The Robert Lewis Shayon collection consists of manuscripts, correspondences, printed materials, audio, film and video, professional material, legal material, financial materials, and research materials.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of of drafts, revisions and final versions of scripts written by Shayon for radio, television, and film programs between the late 1930s and the early 1950s several early scripts for radio dramatizations of novels, historical events, folktales, and fairy tales (1938-1940); translations of operas preformed for radio as well as a large collection of song lyrics and music written by Shayon for various radio and TV shows; drafts of several of Shayon's criticism, reviews, essays, articles, speeches, short stories, plays and lectures. Manuscripts in the collection date from 1934 to 2000.

Professional material in the collection is extensive, consisting of numerous subject files, each of which contains several items relating to a particular topic chosen by Shayon.  Files in the collection contain business documents, financial material, meeting minutes, agendas, reports, correspondence, manuscripts, research material, holograph notes, publicity material, and audio/visual material.  Topics range from radio and TV program materials to committee meetings, conferences, lectures, and speeches.  There are several files regarding Shayon's social initiative "Speakout".

Correspondence in the collection is both personal and professional.  Notable correspondents include Saul Alinsky, Michael Trabor, Ted Turner,   Sam Sinclair Baker, William Benton, Cheryl Crawford, Albert Einstein, Norman Cousins, Nicholas Johnson, Newton Minow, Mathew J. Culligan, Edward R. Murrow and Eleanor Roosevelt.  There are also many letters included in the subject files mentioned above.

Printed material in the collection largely consists of the material in Shayon's subject files, but also consists of printed copies of the various articles, reviews, and essays published by Shayon, along with his personal copies of several journals, newspapers, and magazines. In addition, the collection contains many published items written by others regarding Shayon's works; several brochures, pamphlets, and papers regarding religious teaching, media education, and descriptions of Shayon's involvement in panels and discussion boards regarding these topics; classroom agendas, student teacher evaluations, and various items regarding Shayon's time as a professor.

Audio and video recordings in the collection include stock footage, audio for radio and TV programs, and other various personal and professional items. The collection also contains material from World War II used as research material and stock footage as well as home videos and video and audio versions of nearly all of Shayon's published material.

The collection also contains a selection of personal items including of photographs, memorabilia, and miscellany.
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1. Shayon, Robert Lewis
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