Sidney, George (1916-2002)
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The George Sidney collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, video recordings, film reels, audio recordings, photographs, printed material, subject files, and memorabilia. A large portion of the collection is related to actor Edward G. Robinson and his wife Jane Robinson.

Most of the manuscripts in this collection are items that were written not by Sidney, but by various others. These manuscripts include screenplays, books, articles and other items. Present are scripts for various commercial projects; a script for “This Is Your Life, Ann Miller,” from 1993; drafts of several talks by George Sidney and Jane Sidney; published articles, written by Sidney; the screenplay for the film Bugsy, by James Toback; a copy of the book Being the Three Stooges: The White Brothers, by David N. Breskin (1993), signed by the Three Stooges; a short autobiographical item by Sidney; several chapters of the autobiography of Margaret Bourke-White; items regarding Jack Valenti; and various other film and other items for which Sidney served as creator, director, and/or producer.

Correspondence in the collection consists of several files, organized by Sidney into individuals, organizations, and subjects. These include fan mail, the American Movie Classics television channel, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Directors Guild Conference, Boston University, Hanna Barbera (Sidney was involved in the formation of this animation studio), the University of Michigan, the White House, the Smithsonian, the Reno Film Festival, Fred and Renee Zinnemann, personal letters, Sidney’s biography, the Edward G. Robinson U.S. Postal Service commemorative stamp, and other topics. Notable correspondents include Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Bob Hope, Hugh Hefner, and Charlton Heston.

Video recordings in the collection consist of Sidney’s personal movie collection. There There are more than 220 tapes in Beta video format and about 20 in U-Matic format. Some of the titles represent films directed by Sidney, but many are Hollywood productions that were simply part of Sidney’s personal viewing library. Also present are videotapes of interviews with Sidney.

Film in the collection consists of about one dozen 16mm reels containing cartoons, medical films, and other films.

Audio recordings include nearly 50 phonograph albums of various bands, jazz and rock singers, classical performers, and the soundtrack to Show Boat. Cassette recordings include a tribute to Frank Sinatra; The Dancers Society “Gypsy” awards; The Hollywood Press Club tribute to Milton Berle; interviews with Sidney; speeches by Sidney; memories committed to tape by Sidney; and talks and interviews with Corinne Sidney.

Photographs in the collection consist of hundreds of personal images. These include snapshots of countries visited by Sidney; Sidney, his wife Corrinne, and their pet dogs; over 20 personal photo albums documenting Sidney’s travels around the United States and the various places he lived; film stills, including some from Viva Las Vegas and The Cowboy and the Lady; and many photocopies of photos of Sidney, by himself and with others including Tony Curtis and Roddy McDowall.

Printed material in the collection includes numerous items from newspapers and magazines (both clippings and full issues) regarding Sidney and his films, Edward G. Robinson, and other subjects. Also present are movie press kits; items regarding the Director’s Guild of America and events and ceremonies staged by the DGA; a screening of Annie Get Your Gun, hosted by Sidney; posters of artwork and advertisements for shows such as Cantinflas, art exhibits, and museums; programs from various film festivals, award ceremonies, and gala events; sheet music; clippings and files regarding Jack Valenti and discussions on television violence; Sidney’s collection of 6,000 postcards from around the world; various magazines, brochures, catalogues, information booklets and certificates awarded to Sidney (some photocopied); clippings of Corinne Sidney’s “Reel-to-Reel” West Hollywood Weekly newspaper column; a photocopy of Corinne Sidney’s biography; and clippings of items written by Sidney.

Subject files in the collection include files on ASCAP and Forrest Gump production material.

Memorabilia in the collection includes audio/video equipment, including a tape recorder, slide projector, tape splicing supplies, and a Beta video camera. Other items include a lock of Sidney’s hair and a doctorate robe from Hannemann College. Also present are 16 drawings and paintings by Louis K. Sidney, George Sidney’s father.

The Edward G. Robinson material in the collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, artwork, and other material. Sidney acquired these items when he married Robinson’s widow, Jane Bodenheimer Robinson.
Manuscripts include an autobiographical sketch for the Los Angeles Times; six speeches by Robinson, mostly regarding art and painting; and miscellaneous typed pages and handwritten notes.

Correspondence includes letters to and from Robinson, dating from the 1960s to the 1970s, with several letters from Adlai Stevenson.

Photographs include several albums and loose photos of Robinson and his family and friends; photos of events Robinson attended; portrait photos of Robinson; several dozen travel snapshots; and photos of artwork.

Artwork includes a number of sketches and paintings by Robinson, as well as some of the artwork that Robinson collected.

Other material includes Robinson’s will; various contracts, agreements (1950s-1960s); personal financial files regarding bills (1941); documents regarding artist Diego Rivera (1938); Robinson’s Hollywood Walk of Fame plaque; various awards and framed memorabilia; several personal items, including Robinson’s hearing aid, family bibles, phonograph records, cigarette and tobacco boxes, and other items.

The Jane Robinson material in the collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, photographs, and memorabilia.

Manuscripts include speeches regarding art, by Jane Robinson; and an Academy Award acceptance speech given upon receiving an award on behalf of Edward G. Robinson.

Correspondence includes several letters to and from Jane Robinson (1960s-1980s); professional letters regarding artwork; and notes from various friends, including one from Roddy McDowall.

Printed material includes publicity items regarding A Giraffe Called Jane, a television show hosted by Jane Robinson; and newspaper and magazine clippings regarding Jane Robinson (1960s-1970s).

Photographs include two photo albums of Jane Robinson, dating from her childhood; and other family photos.

Memorabilia includes awards presented to Jane Robinson; party guest lists made by the Robinsons; a scrapbook from the 1930s containing photos, clippings, and letters; inventories of the Robinson home; a passport; and Russian stamp collections.
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