Slade, Bernard (1930-2019)

The Bernard Slade collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, photographs, correspondence, and film and video.

Manuscripts in the collection include stage plays, screenplays, teleplays, and memoirs. Play script titles include An Act of Imagination, Fatal Attraction, Gossamer Wings, A Hundred and Thirteen Times, Return Engagement, Passing Fancies, Same Time, Next Year, and You Say Tomatoes. Material for Same Time, Next Year includes its first draft, which was titled Same Time, Same Place. Screenplays include the film adaptations of Slade’s plays, such as Tribute (1980) and Romantic Comedy (1983). Other screenplays include In Name Only (1969). Teleplays include scripts for The Flying Nun, Is There a Doctor in the House, Love on a Rooftop, The Princess and Me, and Under the Yum Yum Tree. Memoirs include Shared Laughter (2000).

Printed material in the collection includes clippings, programs, and posters. Clippings include reviews and other material regarding Slade’s work. Clippings between 1994 and 1998 are from publications such as Basingstoke Gazette, Drama-Logue, Martha’s Vineyard Times, and The Vineyard Gazette. Programs include theater programs for productions of A Hundred and Thirteen Times in 1993, Same Time, Next Year in 1995, and You Say Tomatoes in 1998. Publicity posters for a few of Slade’s plays are also included.

Photographs in the collection include assorted photographs regarding Same Time, Next Year and photographs of the rehearsal of Romantic Comedy.

Correspondence in the collection includes professional correspondence between 1990 and 1992. Notable correspondents include Julie Andrews and Simon Callow.

Film and video in the collection includes the videotape of a CBC profile of Slade.

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