Sommer, Scott (1951-2003)
The Scott Sommer collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and other materials.

Manuscripts in the collection include novels, film scripts, short stories, and non-fiction works.  The novel manuscripts are Harvard's Head (1985), Last Resort (1981), Nearing's Grace (1979), Ninth Hour, Second Nature, Still Lives (1989), and Walled-In.  Screenplays include Crisscross (1990), with  several drafts, voice-over material, notes, shooting notes, and production notes; The Ex Mr. Winfield; Howl; Last Resort; Men and Therapy; No Greater Love; Pursuit of Happiness; The Rage of Chubby St. Thomas; Sickness; Still Lives, including early drafts, rough drafts, setting copy, and corrected gallery; and Strange Duet.  Sommer's short stories include "After Twice Two," "The Consolation of Mary Bradley," "Dimminck and the Blind Woman," "Don’t You Ever Learn," "Entrapped and Abandoned," "The Night the Carousel Burned Down," "Shove for the Storm."  Non-fiction works in the collection include Poisoning Predators, The Role of Emotion in Fiction, and The Zodiac.

Printed material includes published short stories, interviews, and literary journal articles.  The short stories in the collection are "Dimminck's Notebook" (1978) and "Waiting for Merna" (1978).  The interview is  "The Ballad of Scott Sommer," conducted by Richard Peabody with Gretchen Johnson.  The publications that feature Sommer’s work are American Literature, Library Journal, The Student Scholar, News from a Backward State, Slime Newsletter, Epoc, Taplinger, Owl, New York Times, and Ithaca New Times.

Correspondences in the collection include professional letters to and from Scott Sommer during the 1970s and the 1980s.  Correspondents include  Andrea Genette and Drea Hoffman. Professional correspondence include letters sent to Writer’s Guild of America-East, The Writer magazine, and several rejection letters for magazine submissions.  

Other material in the collection includes book reviews, reading flyers, research material, Sommer’s resumes, writing workshop material taught by Sommers, various notebooks, graded college papers and Michael Leopold’s In the Imagery of His Age: a Critical Evaluation of Four Fictions (1986).
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