Suhl, Yuri (1908-1986)
The Yuri Suhl collection includes manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, research material,  audio/visual material, and other items.

Manuscripts in the collection range from children's books to non-fiction works about the Holocaust and the Jewish community in Poland and America. Included are drafts and revised versions of books with corrections in English, to Yiddish and English poetry and short stories, as well as lecture notes and unfinished works. The collection contains manuscripts for children’s books, nonfiction books, short stories, news articles, essays, unfinished novels, plays, teleplays, an autobiography, film treatments, and radio scripts. Titles include They Fought Back: The Story of Jewish Resistance in Nazi Europe (1968), Eloquent Crusader: Ernestine Rose (1970), Uncle Misha's Partisans (1973), On the Other Side of the Gate (1975), The Purim Goat (1980), The Man Who Made Everyone Late (1974), and the play To Catch a Jew (1959) among several others. The collection also contains numerous different manuscripts written by others in Yiddish and English which represent first-hand accounts of concentration camps and being Jewish during World War II; some of these accounts Suhl would use as chapters and primary source material for books.

Printed material in the collection includes press clippings published versions of journals and magazines regarding Jewish life in America and Poland; several book reviews; published versions of novels written by other authors; research material; sketches; poems; several published articles written by Suhl for Jewish Life, The New York Times, and other publications; pamphlets and articles regarding the Holocaust and the Jewish resistance; several newspapers, magazines, and clippings in Hebrew regarding Nazi camps and World War II; and other miscellaneous clippings, flyers, forms, and proofs.

Audio and visual materials in the collection include a few open-reel tapes regarding Suhl and television or radio appearances including the Barry Gray Show, as well as several audio cassettes. The collection also contains several photographs of Suhl and his family and friends, as well as several prints regarding concentration camps, picture postcards regarding World War II, and some photographs regarding the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

In addition, the collection contains extensive personal and professional correspondence, including letters to and from Suhl and publishers, editors, other authors, Holocaust survivors, book readers, and others. Letters in the collection date from the 1930s to the 1970s. Notable correspondents include Delores Murden, Paulina W. Davis, Eleanor Flexner, Alma Lutz, Saul Bellow, The Jewish Historical Institute of Warsaw and its director Bernard Mark, B. Liwshitz, Benju Dubavitski, Ann Weinreb, Alfred Jospe, Cyrilly Abels, Anne Roby, Laurence Pollinger, Dorothy Scott, Yaakov Agnon, Marion Greenman, and Elie Wiesel.   

Other material in the collection includes awards given to Suhl; some scrapbooks with book reviews and magazine articles; Yiddish poetry; musical scores; concert programs; and other miscellaneous printed material.
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1. Suhl, Yuri
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