Taylor Family
The Taylor Family collection consists of materials relating to James, Trudy, Livingston, Kate, Alex, and Hugh Taylor. The collection includes correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, audio materials, photographs, artwork, journals and diaries, and scrapbooks.

Correspondence in the collection includes personal letters and cards predominately regarding James and Trudy Taylor from 1956 to1998. These include an envelope of letters to James Taylor from his time at the Austin-Riggs Institute in 1968, letters  from Isaac Taylor to Livingston and Hugh in 1956, and letters to Trudy Taylor from friends and admirers.

Personal memorabilia within the collection includes backstage passes; ticket stubs; school materials; James Taylor and Carole King’s wedding announcement; printed material from the U.S. government; a blue ribbon for horseback riding from the Annual Cattle Show and Fair at Martha's Vineyard; and the pair of shoes worn by James Taylor while recording his first album.

Printed material includes programs and flyers of concerts and events regarding James, Hugh, Kate, Alex, and Livingston Taylor; newspaper and magazine articles and reviews by and about the Taylor family, including a substantial collection of articles by Trudy Taylor regarding subjects as diverse as "Summer Recipes" to an interview describing her fascination with the beach; songbooks; posters; an interview with Kate Taylor; miscellaneous blueprints; and a public relations book called "James Taylor: A Chronology."

Professional material includes itineraries for many of James Taylor's tours from 1991 to 1996; contracts from Apple Corporation, Peter Asher, Taylor-Gorgoni Productions, and Pudding Productions; and a letter from Wachovia Bank in 1972.

The audio materials include phonograph records from James Taylor, Kate Taylor, Livingston Taylor, and Alex Taylor; and a CD of Randy Newman’s called "Faust," which features James Taylor.

Photographs of the Taylor family include personal and professional images of James, Hugh, Kate, Alex, Trudy, and Livingston Taylor, as well as a few prints pertaining to their albums and concerts, ranging from the 1940s to the 1990s.

Artwork in the collection includes a painting by Norman Rockwell where James' friend Zack is depicted; two ink drawings of the Taylor home; multiple watercolor paintings by Julie Jaffrey (1993); a child's drawing sent to James Taylor; and pencil sketches and drawings of Trudy, James, and Alex.

The journals and diaries include three personal diaries, two kept by Trudy Taylor (1967 and 1986 to 1997) and one from 1970, author unknown.

Scrapbooks in the collection include a scrapbook of Get Well cards received in 1939; a scrapbook of magazine articles and pictures titled "Style and Beauty;" and a scrapbook of articles, correspondence, and photographs from Trudy’s high school years at Newburyport High School.

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