Thompson, Ernest (1949- )
The collection of Ernest Thompson consists of manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, professional materials, legal materials, financial materials, audio materials, photographs, artwork, journals, notebooks, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous other items.

Manuscripts include outlines, drafts, and revisions of Thompson’s stage and screenplays, novels, and other short material. His screenplays include 1969 (1988); Sweet Hearts Dance (1988); On Golden Pond; The Lies Boys Tell; Hot Weather; One Night; A New Day; Sing a Silly Song; Westside Medical: Silent World; Picasso Script; Hot Water; Border Music; Murdering Mother; Bass Reeves; Where or When; Contact; and Wake and Molly.  Stage plays include "The Playwright’s Dog;" "A Sense of Humor;" "Human Beings;" "Hero of the Homefront" (under the pseudonym S. Seton); "The Kindness of Strangers;" "The One about the Guy in the Bar;" "Answers;" "Murdering Mother;" "Human Beings;" "Summer Brave;" and the unproduced teleplay "Hospice." The collection also includes Ernest Thompson’s manuscript for The Paint Job.

Other assorted manuscript materials include the teleplay Shannon’s Deal: Machismo; a transcript of the 54th Academy Awards (1982); and a piece titled "On Golden Pond Story Conferences: Mark Rydell, Katharine Hepburn, and Ernest Thompson" (1980). The collection also includes a number of screenplays that were never produced or never aired. This includes a special called "Welfare" written specifically for Carol Burnett. An untitled, unpublished novel is also included in the collection.

Correspondence include personal and professional materials from 1977 to 1996. Notable are letters from Katharine Hepburn, Carol Burnett, Roland Joffe, Kirk Douglas, Greer Garson, Patricia Bosworth, Marlo Thomas, George Plimpton, and Liza Minelli. Many of these correspondence regard Thompson’s screenplays, notably those regarding a lawsuit over On Golden Pond.

Printed materials include various newspaper and magazine articles from 1976 to 1988; posters for his films; and programs for his plays. A book titled The Stage and the School: Scenes and Monologues is also included because it contained scenes from On Golden Pond.

Professional materials in the collection consist of notes, correspondence, manuscripts, printed material, and photographs regarding many of his works as well as production books including daily scripts, notes, shooting schedules, and budgets for the piece 1969.

Legal materials include a contracts regarding On Golden Pond dated 1987; The Pleasure of His Company dated 1971; and a certificate of copyright registrations for Lessons dated 1978. The Last Will and Testament of Thompson (1984) and a copy of his passport are also included in the collection.

Financial materials consist of various tax and attorney fee statements, checks, receipts, and bank and utilities statements.

Audio materials include the CD "Christmas is a State of Mind" and cassette tapes titled "J. Alan Jensen, PH. D.;" "West Side Waltz, Pre-recordings;" "!969-Keifer Sutherland;" "1969-soundtrack;" and "1969-Narration-Cummins and Blakely".

Photographs include head shots attached to resumes of various actors and directors. Also included: 24 black and white prints, two contact sheets, two negative strips, and two color scans.

Journals include daily planners from 1974 to 1994 and an address book.

Notebooks in the collection contain notes from across his career including scripts of the plays and notes on productions.

Two scrapbooks regarding On Golden Pond are also included in the collection along with another one regarding 1969.

Other assorted items in the collection include a numerology chart from 1975, two collages, scholastic papers and certificates, a driver’s license, and a leather notebook cover belonging to Thompson.
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