Wasserman, Al (1921-2005)
The Al Wasserman collection consists of manuscripts, professional material, film and video, audio, journals, correspondence, notebooks, photographs, printed material, and awards.

Manuscript material includes scripts for several episodes of 60 Minutes (1959-1985); various film and television proposals, synopses, and notes, including notes and a chapter outline for Harlot's Ghost (1989); undated proposals and segment ideas for a medical history series; a film treatment for Mental Health in Primary Grades (1950); various other film and television drafts and notes; a story treatment for The Leonardo Touch (1974); and and manuscript material for Al Wasserman: In His Own Words (1990).  Material on Wasserman's film adaptation of Joanne Greenberg's novel I Never Promised You a Rose Garden includes  drafts, outlines and revisions (1968-1969); as well as production files with script notes, production notes, continuity breakdown, budget breakdowns, banking agreements, and legal material, including a signed contract between Wasserman Productions and Columbia Pictures (1970).

Professional material consists of production files, which include manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, photographs, and other items.  Subjects include 60 Minutes; episodes of The Twentieth Century (1957-1958); The Age of Kennedy (1987-1988); the dissolution of Wasserman Productions (1974-1975); Documentary Classics (PBS, 1986); Freedom Forum (1988-1994); PBS; and other subjects.

The collection includes numerous film reels containing various programs by Wasserman.  Titles include Discover America with Jose Jimenez; Look on the Light Side; Operating Room D; Out of Darkness; Public Service in Television Journalism; 60 Minutes; Adventure: Family of Man; The Age of Kennedy; Angola: Journey to a War (1961); Hoffa and the Teamsters (1959); Hurricane (1962); The Making of the President (1972); and others.  Open-reel videotapes in the collection include Change - By Design; Encounter at Ford; The Heritage of Operating Room D; Medical Vistas, narrated by José Ferrer (1972); and Rose Garden Discussions (1968).  Also present are several video cassettes in U-Matic and VHS formats, as well as some laser discs.  Titles include 60 Minutes (1977-1985); The Warren Commission Report (1964); The Twentieth Century: "Brainwashing"; Flight Deck; NBC White Paper: "Adam Clayton Powell"; Sit-In; Hoffa and the Teamsters; Angola; The Battle of Newburgh; and Out of Darkness.  Also present are video tapes of interviews (1979-1998).

There are audio cassettes of interviews with Wasserman, including an interview by Cy Fried of WOMR in Provincetown, MA (1995); and an interview by television documentary producer Mort Silverstein (1996).

Wasserman's numbered daily journals, both personal and professional in content, date between 1985 and 1998.  There is one journal specifically related to The Making of the President (1972); as well as daily planners (1988-1998).

Correspondence in the collection dates from 1968 to 2002.  Topics include 60 Minutes (1955-1993); I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1971); and Wasserman's films on the U.S. Defense Department, Jimmy Hoffa, and Lee Harvey Oswald.

There are several notebooks regarding Wasserman's 60 Minutes assignments.  Subjects include Arthur Ashe (1979); "Bloody Ivory" (Kenya, 1980-1981); "Candle in the Dark" (Amnesty International, 1982; "Last Chance in Africa" (Zimbabwe, 1980); "Taking On the Teamsters" (1978); Tupperware (1977); the U-2 affair (1960); Vietnam (September 1966); Switzerland (1982); and the Federal Trade Commission (1980).  There are also notebooks for other projects unrelated to 60 Minutes.

The collection also contains black and white and color prints, both personal and production related, as well as negatives and contact sheets.

Printed material in the collection includes newspaper clippings, reviews, publicity material, and published ratings.  Titles include The Battle of Newburgh (1962); Hoffa and the Teamsters; Hurricane (1962); Terror in the Streets (1965); and The Making of the President (1972).  Other printed material in the collection includes a piece by Christopher Busa titled "Close Encounters with Al Wasserman"; and material related to a memorial retrospective of Wasserman (2005).

The collection also contains a number of industry awards presented to Wasserman over the years.  They include The Adolf Meyer Award from the Association for Improvement in Mental Health (1956); Sylvania Television Awards for Distinguished Achievement in Creative Television for Out of Darkness (1956); The Albert Lasker Medical Journalism Award (1958 and 1960 - two separate wins in two separate years); The Robert J. Flaherty Film Award - City College for Hoffa and the Teamsters (1959); The George Polk Memorial Award for Television Reporting (1960); The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences nomination for Outstanding Writing Achievement in the Documentary Field for "The U-2 Affair" (1960/1961); The George Foster Peabody Broadcasting Award for the White Pages series (1961) and The Battle of Newburgh (1961/1962); and others.
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