Whitney, Phyllis A. (1903-2008)

The Phyllis Whitney collection primarily consists of manuscripts; it also includes correspondence and printed material.

Manuscripts for books by Whitney in the collection include Seven Tears (1932); A Place for Ann (Houghton, 1941); Window for Julie (Houghton, 1943); Willow Hill (McKay, 1947); Island of Dark Woods (Westminster, 1951); Love Me, Love Me Not (Houghton, 1952); Step to the Music (Crowell, 1953); The Mystery of the Black Diamonds (Westminster, 1954); A Long Time Coming (McKay, 1954); The Highest Dream (McKay, 1956); The Secret of the Samurai Sword (Westminster, 1958); Mystery of the Haunted Pool (Westminster, 1960); Secret of the Tiger’s Eye (Westminster, 1961); Mystery of the Golden Horn (Westminster, 1962); Window on the Square (Appleton, 1962); Mystery of the Hidden Hand (Westminster, 1963); Seven Tears for Apollo (Appleton, 1963); Black Amber (Appleton, 1964); The Mystery of the Angry Idol (Westminster, 1965); Sea Jade (Appleton, 1965); Ever After; Columbella (Doubleday, 1966); Perfumed Death; Secret of the Spotted Shell (Westminster, 1967); Silverhill (Doubleday, 1967); Hunter’s Green (Doubleday, 1968); The Secret of Goblin Glen (Westminster Press, 1968); The Winter People (1969); The Mystery of the Crimson Ghost (Westminster Press, 1969); Lost Island (Doubleday, 1970); Secret of the Missing Footprint (Westminster Press, 1970); Listen For the Whisperer (Doubleday, 1972); Nobody Likes Trina (Westminster Press, 1972); The Mystery of the Scowling Boy (Westminster Press, 1973); Snowfire (Doublday, 1973); The Turquoise Mask (Doublday, 1974); Secret of the Haunted Mesa (Westminster Press, 1975); Spendrift (Doublday, 1975); The Golden Unicorn (Doubleday, 1976); Secret of the Stone Face (Westminster Press, 1977); The Stone Bull (Doubleday, 1977); The Glass Flame (Doubleday, 1978); Domino (Doubleday, 1979); Ponciana (Doublday, 1980); The Vanishing Scarecrow (Westminster Press, 1981); Vermillion (Doublday, 1981); Guide to Fiction Writing (The Writer Inc., 1982); Emerald (Doubleday, 1983); Rainsong (Doublday, 1984); Dream of Orchids (Doublday, 1985); Flaming Tree (Doublday, 1986); Silversword (Doublday, 1987); Feather on the Moon (Doublday, 1988); Rainbow in the Mist (Doublday, 1989); Daughter of the Stars (Crown, 1994) ; Amethyst Dreams (Crown, 1997); The Different One ; and The Vanishing Shadow .

Other manuscripts by Whitney in the collection include drafts of several dozen short stories written between the 1930’s and 1950’s.

Correspondence in the collection consists of approximately 385 letters to Whitney, written between 1940-1968 (also including carbon copies of letters from Whitney to others). Notable correspondents include Peter De Vries, Irene Haas, Sterling North, and Harriett Carr. Several files consist of letters from literary agents (dating from the 1930’s) regarding the selling of Whitney's stories. Whitney also kept records of stories that she sent out, as well as when the were sent and to whom. Also in the collection are several letters pertaining to her book The Stone Bull (1976-1977).

Printed material in the collection includes many book jackets and advertising fliers for her books; newspaper clippings about Whitney (1947-1967); clippings of children’s book reviews by Whitney (interspersed with some letters from the mid 1960’s); magazines containing articles by Whitney; articles about Whitney (the latest dating from the early 1990s); interviews with Whitney; several programs from the Mystery Writer’s Annual Edgar Allen Poe Awards Dinner that Whitney kept as souvenirs; and a program from the First Annual Connecticut Writers’ Conference held in 1950.
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1. Whitney, Phyllis A., 1903-2008
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