Wittgenstein, Ludwig (1889-1951)

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The Ludwig Wittgenstein collection consists of copies and edited versions of some of Wittgenstein’s philosophical writings. The texts are chiefly in German, with some English versions.

The manuscripts by Wittgenstein include photocopies of unpublished drafts presently housed at Trinity College, Cambridge, England. These items include a typed draft based on the second half (pp. 133 ff) of TS 108 (vol. 4 of Philosophische Bemerkungen ), 44 pages on 22 leaves, dated ca. 1930; the “Big Typescript,” 529 pages, dated ca. 1933; and unpublished parts of Wittgenstein’s notebooks (approximately 300 pages of material omitted when Remarks on the Philosophy of Psychology was edited), dated 1947-1948.

Also present in the collection are an edited version of Wittgenstein’s Philosophiche Untersuchungen [ Philosophical Investigations ] with commentary and notes by Georg Henrik von Wright and Heikki Nyman, dated ca. 1945; various drafts and sections are included. In addition, the collection includes a manuscript for an edited version of Philosophiche Bemerkungen, vol. XII, edited by Heikki Nyman (1982).
Notable Figures
1. Wittgenstein, Ludwig, 1889-1951
2. Wright, G. H. von (George Henrik), 1916-
3. Nyman, Heikki
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