Yorck, Ruth Landshoff (1909-1966)
The Ruth Landshoff Yorck collection consists of manuscripts, photographs, correspondence,

Manuscripts by York include novels and novellas, poetry, articles and lectures, short stories, plays, essays, and other items.  Novels and novellas appear in English and/or German.  Titles include The Cinderella Murders; The Life of a Dancer / Leben Einer Tanzerin; The Gardenia Girl; Storm in Italy; So Cold the Night; Hinz; Die Nacht der Schlimmen Liebe; Patric Hoolihan; Young Man Beloved; an untitled novel in German; and an untitled novel in English.  Also present are manuscripts for numerous poems, in English, German, and French; many articles written for various periodicals by Yorck;   several short stories; essays; translations of other authors by Yorck, including pieces by David Davidson, Ben Hecht, and Niccolo Tucci.  In addition, there is manuscript material related to plays adapted by Yorck, including The Infernal Machine, by Jean Cocteau; The Doorknob, by Jan Rys, and Giulia, by Karl Voelmoeller.  There are also manuscripts for plays by Yorck: Im Letzben Augenblick; Happening at the Café; and 14ieme Juillet, a radio play in French.  There is also manuscript material for Free World Ballad - A Cantata for Mixed Voices; a ballet titled Hait est elle Zauberdam; and a pageant entitled The Good Will Ballad.

Photographs in the collection date from the 1930s and the 1940s.

There are thirty pieces of correspondence dating between 1961 to 1967, mostly from agents and publishers.  There is one letter to Yorck from her brother, Werner Landshoff, dated April 11, 1963.

Printed material in the collection includes several magazines and periodicals; miscellaneous tearsheets and the poster for Happening at the Café; and a booklet titled "Germanistik" (2002).

Notable Figures
1. Yorck, Ruth, 1909-1966
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