Young, Phylis Brett (1914-1996)
The Phyllis Brett Young collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and photographs.  There is also a considerable amount of material related to Young’s father, scientific writer George S. Brett (1879-1944).

Manuscripts by Young in the collection include the publisher's draft of The Torontonians (Longman, Green, and Co.); a publisher's draft of Anything Could Happen (Longmans, Green, and Co. 1961); drafts for Psyche (1964) and Undine (W.H. Allen and Co., 1964); and incomplete first and second drafts and proofs of A Question of Judgement (Putnam's, 1969).

Printed material includes clippings of reviews for The Torontonians (1960), Anything Could Happen (1961), Psyche (1964), and Undine (1967); an issue of Canadiana (1965), a book catalog in which Psyche is listed (1965); a book cover for the Pan paperback edition of The Commuters (1965); publisher's catalogs all featuring forthcoming titles by Young; and issues of various international magazines featuring stories by Young. The latter includes Chatelaine magazine, an English language Canadian publication; the Swedish magazine Revyn; and the weekly Norwegian women's magazine Kvinner (1960-1962). There is an issue of Star Weekly (1969) that ran Young's A Question of Judgement. There are also articles printed aboutYoung: "The Case of the Reluctant Writer" by Donald U. Goudy, Star Weekly (1962); and "Well Fed, Well Bred, Well Read" by Thelma Dickinson, Canadian Magazine (1970).

Correspondence includes letters to and from Young (1958-1959). Notable correspondence includes letters between Young and bestselling Canadian author, Mazo de la Roche (1959); Canadian author and pioneer of Canadian television, James Mavor Moore (1959); and British/Canadian author, Arthur Hailey (1961).

Photographs and artwork include a studio photo of Young, a snapshot of Young and her husband in Milan, and drawings by Geoffrey Goss for Anything Could Happen.

The rest of the collection focuses on Young's father, George S. Brett, a prominent professor and writer on scientific topics.

Manuscripts written by Brett include multiple drafts of The Effect of the Discovery of the Barometer on Contemporary Thought; a draft of The Psychology of Medicine (1931); and several notebooks with Professor Brett’s philosophy lecture notes. Manuscript material related to Brett includes a eulogy for Brett from the Council of University College by Professor Tyler (1944); and a note written by Marion G. Brett, Phyllis' mother, regarding her husband’s History of Psychology.

Correspondence to George Brett includes a letter from Mukand L'al, Assistant Librarian of the Punjab University Library (1908); letters to Mrs. George S. Brett includes letters from George F. Kingston (1948); editor, Cesareo Giocechea (1965); and Canadian author and educator, Claude T. Bissell (1975).

Printed material by Brett includes: "Parallel Paths in Philosophy and Literature," The University Magazine (1918); "The Revolt Against Reason," Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada (1919); "Graduate Studies: Present and Future," University of Toronto Monthly (1920); "The History of Science as a Factor in Modern Education," Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada (1925); "Astronomical Symbolism," reprint from The Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (1926); "An Address on Francis Joseph Gall and the State of Medicine at the End of the Eighteenth Century," The Canadian Medical Association Journal (1927); "The Emergence of Christianity," University of Toronto Quarterly (1934); "Paul Elmer More: A Study," University of Toronto Quarterly (1937); "William James and American Ideals," University of Toronto Quarterly (1937); "The Achievement of Santayana," University of Toronto Quarterly (1939); "India and the War," University of Toronto Quarterly (1941); "Books About India," University of Toronto Quarterly (1943); "In Commemoration of William James," a book review, The Nation (1943).  Articles about G.S. Brett (1943-1946) include obituaries and career assessments.

Photographs in the Brett section of the collection include young Brett with his parents in India; portraits of Brett with his wife, Marion; and photos of Brett, his wife, friends, and relatives in England, India, and Canada (1896-1930).

Awards in the Brett section of the collection include The Bunting Medal of Kingswood School, inscribed to Brett; a medallion "to be worn in commemoration of their Majesties' Coronation" (1937); Two Salutary Commendations to Brett from his students at Government College, Lahore, India (1908).
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