Zahn, Curtis (1912-1990)
The Curtis Zahn collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and printed material.

Manuscripts include multiple drafts of various works by Zahn.  Titles include: Oblivia Minor; Decentralia West; the play Con 'Fron. Ta' Tion; the play Seascape With Figures (ca. 1968); the play Origin of the Species; the three-act play The Escape, Purgation and Re-Entry or Group 17-N; prose pieces; poems; Standing Aghast in the Tense Present Imperfect; Rationale for the First Undocumented Victim of Benevolent Nuclear Energy; Tijuana (1982); Respectfully DLX3PHTT; outlines and ideas; pages from what Zahn identifies as a "future fantasy series"; notes on characters and characteristics; experimental prose; backgrounds and situations; annotated prose pieces in various stages of completion; and other items.  Manuscripts by others include Before the Bells of This New Year Ring by Kenneth Patchen, with a letter from Patchen to Zahn (1967); and a reader's report on Zahn's play, Conditioned Reflex, by William Oxendine.  

Correspondence includes business correspondence with publishers, authors, actors, and producers. General correspondence dates from 1963 to 1967.  Notable correspondents include Maxwell Geismar, Joseph Papp, Charles Champlin, S.I. Hayakawa, Anais Nin, John Ciardi, Dean Rusk, Cyrilly Abels, Lucille Lortel, David Dellenger.  There are several letters from Menachem S. Arnoni to Zahn (1965-1967); and business correspondence (1962-1964), much of it dealing with June Degnan and New Directions.

Printed material contains Genesis West magazine (1963), with the article "Interviewing Curtis Zahn" by Gordon Lish; Satire SADCOV volume 5, no.3, containing Zahn's poem "Coastlines"; and New West magazine (1966), containing Zahn’s poems "Seascapes with Figures" and "A Poem for Confessed Birchers." There is also Pacificus Foundation material, including a newsletter, a report, and a recommendation to Pacificus Foundation on theatre in Los Angeles. There are copies of a review of Zahn's play Underground (1965); and a clipping related to his review of American Contemporary: A Collection of Short Stories (1965). There are a number of magazines in the collection featuring articles by Zahn on a broad range of topics, ranging from hunting and fishing to automobiles and boats. There are magazines featuring Zahn's poetry; and magazines featuring Zahn's plays. The dates on these publications range between 1937 and 1968.  Printed play scripts include An Albino Kind of Logic (1965) and Conditioned Reflex (1965).  There are playbills for productions presented by the theater group Artists for Survival, including Zahn’s plays 5-4-3-2-1 and Underground.  There is a poster and various leaflet advertisements for Artists for Survival; and a color photograph of the cast of 5-4-3-2-1 in performance (1982).
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