Zilberman, David (1938-1977)

The David Zilberman collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, professional material, and correspondence. Zilbeman's papers contain writings in both English and Russian. Here, the Russian words have been rendered in a Romanized-alphabet style.

Manuscripts by Zilberman in the collection include books, articles, essays, translations, commentaries, abstracts, notes, reviews, synopses, and other items. Many items have been reproduced onto microfilm reels which are included in the papers.

Manuscripts for published books include Zilberman's The Birth of Meaning in Hindu Thought (D. Reidel Publishing Co., 1988); and Zilberman'ss English-to-Russian translation of Daniel H. H. Ingalls' book Materials for the Study of Navya-Nyaya Logic (Nauka, 1974). Other book-length manuscripts include Zilberman'ss Ph.D. dissertation, K ponimaniyu kul’turnoj tradicii [Toward the Understanding of Cultural Tradition], written for the Academy of Sciences' Institute for Sociological Research in 1972; Priblizhayuschie rassuzhdeniya mezhdu tremya licami o modal’noj metodologii i summe metafizik [Approaching Discourses Between Three Persons on Modal Methodology and Summa Metaphysicorum] (1972-1973); Moscow School of Methodology, also called Moscow Logical Circle (unfinished, 1977); and Analogy in Western and Indian Philosophical Thought (unfinished, 1977).

Articles by Zilberman in the collection include several English and Russian pieces, some unpublished or unfinished; many of these pieces became parts of larger works.

Translations in the collection consist mainly of Zilberman's translations of various philosophical writings from Sanskrit into Russian or English, with Zilberman's commentaries. These include Surangama-Sutra (from Sanskrit to Russian), several versions of the "section on submeasuring" from the Tattvachintamani, and others.

Printed material in the collection consists of articles, in Russian and English, published in various journals and anthologies dating from 1971 to 1980 (one was published in 1988). Titles of publications include Voprosy filosofii [Questions of Philosophy], Bol'shaya Sovetskaya Enciclopediya [The Great Soviet Encyclopedia], Gnosis, Studies in Soviet Thought, Semiotica, Liberation, Journal of Asian Studies, and many others.

Professional material consists of Zilberman's syllabi, course outlines, and lecture notes for various courses Zilberman taught at different colleges, universities, and other institutions in the 1970s. Present is material for courses at Brandeis University, Hunter College of the City University of New York, the University of Chicago, Harvard University, and the Napora Institute. In addition to lectures by Zilberman, the collection includes lecture notes transcribed by students, mostly from graduate seminars. The collection also includes a series of audio recordings made from Zilberman's lectures at Brandeis University from 1975 to 1977.

Correspondence in the collection includes several letters from Zilberman to various recipients, dating from 1974 to 1977, often discussing aspects of Zilberman's life and philosophical thought. Recipients include Yuri Levada, Georgij Schedrovitskij, Oleg Genisaretskij, Vladimir Lefebvre, Alexander Piatigorsky, Robert S. Cohen, Alvin W. Gouldner, Vladimir I. Toumanoff, Karl H. Potter, Bimal K. Matilal, McKim Marriott, Hans van Buitenen, Edwin A. Cook, Bruce K. Eckland, Douglas D. Daye, Ralph W. Nicholas, Karsen Harries, U. A. Levada, and various other individuals.

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