Lipsky, Jon (1945-2011)
The Jon Lipsky collection includes manuscripts, notebooks, professional materials, printed materials, correspondence, research materials, photographs, financial materials, legal materials, memorabilia, audio materials, and film and video materials.

Collected manuscripts include stage plays, novels, teleplays, tour scripts, short stories, and poems by Lipsky. Notable stage plays include Beginner’s Luck (1978); They All Want to Play Hamlet (1981); Living in Exile (1982); and Dreaming with an AIDS Patient (1988); and drafts of books including Beyond Acting One: A Personalized Approach to Text; Diaspora; Island City; and Saul. Teleplay drafts include "The Bar is for Sale" (1980); "I Got the Horse Right Here" (1980); "Simple Pleasures, Growing Pains" (1984); and more.

The collection includes 26 notebooks regarding his life’s work such as plays, poems, and short-stories, as well as essays from his years at Oberlin College.

Professional materials regard applications for promotion and story ideas dating from approximately 1988 to 2004.

Printed materials consist of articles, book reviews, and theater reviews regarding Lipsky’s works such as Beginner’s Luck and Murder Now, and other productions at The Globe Theater.

Correspondence includes letters, notes, postcards, and telegraphs to Lipsky from 1968 to 1998.

Other items include photographs, research materials, tax papers and reports, legal material, and VHS recordings of short films he curated during his time with the Museum of Science in Boston.
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