Pelletier, Ida Jean Orlando (1926-2007)
The Ida Jean Orlando Pelletier collection consists of research material, printed material, audio/visual material, and other items.

Research material in the collection consists of notes and corrections; professional material; and other items.  Topics include "cumulative record needs" (1954-1956); "A Day on the Ward"; McLean work (1969-1972); notes on the teaching process; patient examples (1955-1956); teaching process with faculty (1954-1956); teaching process with students, one-year study (1955-1956) and two-year study (1955-1957); phases of professional development in nursing (1962-1965);  "Phase III: Study of Nurses’ Practices and Procedures" (1966); "Phase IV: Evaluation Project" (1966-1969); "Phase V Preliminary: Individual Conferences with Clinical Nursing Supervisors" (1969-1970); "Phase V Weekly Conferences with Misses Davidson and Conrad Schmeiding"; "Phase V Weekly Conferences with Clinical Superintendent" (1968-1969); child psychiatry; children; nursing diagnosis; nursing roles; stress; theory development; AIDS; Boston University (1978-1979); care plans; diabetes; Gaebler; HCHP; JCAH; MNA; McLean Hospital; Met State; Nursing Theory; Tri-City; Metropolitan State Hospital nursing policy and procedure manual (1987); and various evaluations, notes on workshops; meetings; reports; conference notes; and worksheets (1965-1987).  

Printed material in the collection includes proofs for The Discipline and Teaching of Nursing Process (ca. 1972); programs from various nursing associations and meetings (1967-1975); booklets on Florence Nightingale; description of a colloquium; and material on Dr. Betty Neuman, author of Theoretical Foundations of Nursing

Audio/visual material in the collection includes the audio cassette "Nursing Theories – Are They Guiding Practice?" (1975), with a holograph transcript; and a number of VHS cassettes regarding nursing methods, meetings, and documentation. These tapes include: "Ida Orlando, Oakland University School of Nursing Symposium" (1985); "The Nurse Theorists: Portraits of Excellence," a series with individual tapes on Virginia Henderson, Dorothy E. Johnson, Dorothea Orem, Ida S. Orlando Pelletier; and "Hildegarde Peplau -- Sigma Theta Tau's Nursing Approach" promotional video; and "What About Tomorrow?" featuring Dr. Sue Leone talking about breast cancer.

Other items in the collection include journals, diaries, and daily planners (1963-1992); subject files containing printed material, notes, and correspondence; and a yearbook from Flower-Fifth Avenue School of Nursing, Flora Quinto, California (1947).

Notable Figures
1. Orlando, Ida Jean