Fondiller, Shirley
The Shirley Fondiller collection consists of professional material, manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, photographs, and other material.

Professional material in the collection is extensive.  These files include printed items, correspondence, manuscripts, and photographs, dating from the 1970s through the 2000s.  Topics include: conference and convention speeches; publishing contracts; course materials; guest-lecturing presentation material; editing projects for others; papers presented (1969); and various individuals, including Lucille Petry Leone (1955-1985); Eleanor Lambertson (1963-1995); Rozella Schlotfeldt (1978-1985); and Rachael Rotkovitch (2000-2001).

Manuscripts include drafts of her interviews with Dr. Loretta Ford (1983); Thelma Schorr (1983); Jo Eleanor Elliott (1984); Vernice Ferguson (1984); Virginia Ohlson (1984); and Lucy Kelly.

Correspondence includes professional letters (1960s-2007) and international correspondence (1981-1992). Notable correspondents include Marguerite Manfreda (1980s); Virginia Henderson (1983-1996); Vernice Ferguson (1983-2003); Judith Whitaker and Inez Haynes (1990s); and Virginia Ohlson (1993-1999).
Printed material includes: The American Nurse newspaper (1975-1978); a selection of printed booklets, The Entry Dilemma (1983); From an Idea to an Organization (1983); AAHN (American Association for the History of Nursing) Conference Proceedings (1984); The Promise Continues (1988); Guide to Archival Sources in Nursing (1989); The Vision and the Reality (1989); and Healing at Home: Visiting Nurse Service of New York, 1893-1993, by Shirley Fondiller.

Photographs in the Shirley Fondiller collection include photographs of Events held at Teachers College, Columbia University (1970s-1980s); Luther Christman (1980s); Japanese Visitors at RSPLMC (1980s); Keeshin Conference, Eagle River, WI (1980s); Nursing Journalism Symposia at RSPLMC, Chicago (1980s); Sigma Theta Tau Events (1980s); Assorted Nursing Events (1980s–1990s); International Council of Nurses Congress, Seoul, Korea (1989); "Special Session on Nursing History," coordinated by Shirley Fondiller and Christopher Maggs, Great Britain; and undated miscellaneous photographs.

Other items in the collection include a framed envelope with a U.S. Post Office seal, first day of issue Clara Maass commemorative stamp (1976; Maass was a nurse active in the fight to wipe out yellow fever and died as a result of a yellow fever experiment; both Cuba and the United States honored her with a commemorative stamp); as well as one record album titled "Soul Seminar" (1969).
Notable Figures
1. Fondiller, Shirley H.