Forman, Alice
The Alice Forman collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, professional material, printed material, and other material.
Manuscripts in the collection includes: "A Report on a Seminar on Categories and Functions of Nursing Personnel" (1956); "Reconstruction in Alabama," by E.C. Meredith (1963); "Training Programme for Auxiliary Nurses in Costa Rica: 1963-1964," prepared by the U.N. World Health Organization (1964); "Assistant Health Personnel in Turkey," a quiz game on index cards, by Forman (1964); "Report on Nursing, Reza Pahlavi Medical Center," by Doris M. Armstrong; "Family Planning," by Linda Wheeler, a transcript from a workshop for nurses; "The Cuidad de Dios Project," by Dr. David M. Paige (1969); "Epidemiological Inpatients Systems Analysis and Operations Research on Family Planning Services," by Carl E. Taylor (1972); "Health Services Research and the Challenge of Population," by Carl E. Taylor (1972); "Nutrition and Infection," by Carl E. Taylor and Cecil DeSweener; "Traditional Healers in a Region of Mysore," by C. Alex Alexander; "What is Community?" by Cicely D. Williams; and "In the Land of the Coconuts," by Forman.    

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal letters; World Health Organization correspondence; and letters concerning the Florence Nightingale Fund. 

Photographs in the collection include a set of photos related to her article "In the Land of the Coconuts"; and a few photographs of family and graduation exercises. 

Professional material in the collection includes reports:  "The Building of the Nation's Health," by Dr. K.C.K.E. Raja, University of Madras (1951); "Nutrition Survey of the Armed Forces" (1958); "Bureau of Community Health Service Programs," by the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; "A Task Force on Health at the Ministerial Level," by the Pan American Health Organization (1963); "Health Conditions in the Americas 1961-1962," prepared for the XV Meeting of the Direction Council (1964); "Some Problems of Introducing Modern Health Services in Eastern Turkey," prepared by The Mus Project (1964); "Social Functions of the Turkish Lise. Cooperative Research Project No. S-047," by Andreas M. Kazamus, University of Wisconsin (1965); "Rural Health Unit Functional Analysis Seylek Village" (1966); "Demonstration and Evaluation Project Ethiopian Health Center Program-Its Impact on Community Health in Three Towns," prepared by the Ethiopian Medical Journal (1967); "Testing Educational Achievement in Nursing in the Cento Countries," by Mary R. Shields, Consultant on Testing (1967); "Report on the Organization of Public Health services in Turkey" (1969); "Training of Assistant Health Services and Institutions in Turkey," prepared by M. Rahmi, M.D., Department of Public Health; reports on fecal contamination, water pollution indicators, and manpower planning programs; "Rural Health Unit Functional Analysis Report of the Pilot Study" (1969); "Alabama Social Welfare Annual Reports" (1978-1980); "A Realistic Look at an Alabama Problem," by the Alabama Department of Public Health; "Supplemental Application to Expand Adolescent Health Services in Hale, Greene, and Sumter Counties"; and "State of Alabama Department of Pensions and Security Annual Report" (1980-1991).  Printed reports include both conference reports and nursing reports. Conference Reports include "The Non-Medical Missionary's Role in Mission Medical Work" (1947); and "International Council of Nurses: Proceedings of the 50th Anniversary Conference Stockholm, Sweden" (1949). Nursing reports include "The International Council of Nurses, National Reports" (1950); "Nurses in Nigeria" (1965); "Christian Medical Commission, World Council of Churches, Geneva, Reports of Surveys, Consultations, and Project Proposals" (1969); "Comprehensive Health Planning: Final Reports" (1970); "An Appraisal of the Population Project of the Rural Health Research Center of Narangwal India: the Integration of Family Planning and Rural Health Services at the Village Level" (1971); and "The Ghaja Family Health Nurse Project, Lages, Nigeria 1967-1970: An Examination of its Family Planning Impact," by John Wellman (1971).

Printed material in the collection includes: instructional booklets and manuals on midwifery, pregnancy, and childbirth (1947-1969); "Rules of Training and Education," a manual prepared by the Central Midwives Board (1955); "Guide for Schools of Nursing in India" (1966); "Manual for Lady Health Visitors: Preliminary Morbidity Data Collection" (1967); "International Health I" (1970); "Standing Orders: for Care of Sick Women and Children" (1971-1972); "International Health II" (1973-1974); and "Guidelines: Problem Oriented Record Obstetric Service" (1978).  Also present are pamphlets on: "Child Growth and Development"; "Aids for Health Teaching"; "Discipline and the Family"; "Developing Responsibility in Children"; "Heart Disease and Pregnancy"; "Observing and Recording the Behavior of Young Children"; "The Parent-Teacher Partnership"; and "Publications of the Child Study Association of America."  There are general information pamphlets on London, Wales, and Northern Ireland (1923-1970); the US (1941-1973); Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya (1943-1970); Japan (1953); India (1953-1972); France (1956; 1971); Turkey, Pakistan, Iran (1961-1973); Brazil (1963); the Philippines (1965; 1970); Latin America (1967); Switzerland (1969-1973); Australia (1970); South America (1972); and the District of Columbia.  Periodicals in the collection include various issues of The Journal of Nurse-Midwifery (1924-1977); various issues of The Illustrated Weekly of India (1969, 1971); various issues of the American Journal of Nursing (1969, 1970); The American Journal of Public Health Supplement (1973); The Nursing Journal of India (1973); Yale Alumni Magazine and Journal (1978); Johns Hopkins Magazine (1969, 1979, 1984); Alabama Social Welfare (1980-1983); and Children Today (1981).  There are various editions of The Greene County Democrat, published in Eutaw, AL (1978-1986); a number of maps; and comic books on pregnancy, nutrition, and prenatal care. 

Also present in the collection are several files containing various types of material, arranged into topics by Forman.  These subject files include printed material, research material, notes, correspondence, and memoranda.