Allen, Virginia O.
The Virigina O. Allen collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, professional material, memorabilia, and other material.

Manuscripts in the collection are drafts of short papers defining specific areas of concentration in a nursing education curriculum. These include: "Historical Development and Philosophy of Associate Degree Programs in Nursing," by Allen (1964); "Communications: A Cornerstone to Nursing Education," by Allen; an unpublished document prepared by United Community Services of Boston (1958); "The Associate Degree Nursing Project: Proof and Promise" (1965); "Characteristics of an Associate Degree Program in Nursing Administration, Organization, and Curriculum"; "Basic Statistical Information Relative to the Existing Associate Degree Nursing Programs in the New England Region" (1965-1966); Newton Junior College Nursing Advisory Committee Minutes (1968); and several others.  There are also reports from Newton Junior College, arranged chronologically, from January 1962 to June 1965.

Correspondence consists of a general correspondence file (1959-1968).  Notable correspondents include Stella Goostray, Dorothy Hayward, Ruth Sleeper, Emina Snow, Charles E. Brown, and Walter E. Taylor.

Photographs include: Allen and other nurses at a New England Council on Higher Education in Nursing Convention (1966); Allen with Edward B. Kovar of United Community Services of Boston and a Miss Martin; Allen with Edward Cain, only male member of the second graduating class of the Newton Junior College Nursing Program with Edward B. Kovar of United Community Services of Boston (1962); the New England Council on Higher Education for Nursing, with Allen as group leader (1966); the New England Council on Higher Education for Nursing with Allen in the center (1967); the officers of the New England Council on Higher education for Nursing, with Virginia Allen third from the left (1967); the first graduating class of the Newton Junior College Nursing Program (1961); the Newton Junior College Nursing Program (1965); the faculty of the first graduating class of Newton Junior College Nursing Program: Ann Collins, R.N.; Allen; and Joan Lewis, R.N. (1961); and Dr. Alice Reiner, Columbia University (1971).

Prrofessional material includes a series of various reports on a number of regional hospitals; questionnaires; proposals; and evaluations. They include: Charles Choate Memorial Hospital (1955); Emerson Hospital (1956); Symmes Arlington Hospital (1956); Waltham Hospital (1957); and Winchester Hospital; a questionnaire for nursing, developed for the Personnel Department (1956); reports on the Regional School Nursing Staff (1956-1957); a questionnaire survey of student nurse potential in the northern section of Metropolitan Boston (ca. 1966); an evaluation of the Newton Junior College nursing program by Virginia Allen (1963); a history of the project (1958); Reginal Schools of Nursing Directors’ Meeting memo by Dorothy S. Hayward (1957); A Comparison of Proposed Program and Five Established Programs (Rutgers, Fairleigh Dickinson, Webber, Virginia Intermont, and Orange County) by the United Community Services Nursing Council (1957); United Community Services sampling in Choate, Emerson, Symmes-Arlington, Waltham, and Winchester Regional Hospitals (1957); The National League for Nursing, Nursing Curriculum Plans; Required Space and Facilities; Newton Junior College Nursing Program – Central Objective (1959); Nursing Council of United Community Services: Twenty Years 1937-1957 (1957); Public Hearing-Approving Authority for Schools of Nursing and Schools of Practical Nursing (1958); The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Approving Authority for Schools of Nursing and Schools of Practical Nursing (1958); and others.

Printed material includes: the booklet "State-Approved Schools of Nursing in Massachusetts" (1959); and several articles published in various periodicals from the 1950s through 1967, including The MHA Newsletter, the UCS Bulletin, Community, Newton School Age, NEBHE, The MLN Ledger, The Emerson Hospital News, Bulletin of the Massachusetts Nurses Association, the Massachusetts League for Nursing Bulletin; and others.  Also present are Requirements and Recommendations and Recommendations for Approved Schools of Nursing (1956).  News clippings in the collection range in date from 1959 to 1971.
Memorabilia in the collection includes a visiting card from Alexander MacDonald, N.D. with United Community Services; a program from the Third Annual Nursing Convocation at Newton Junior College (1961); an invitation to and program from the Fourteenth Annual Commencement at Newton Junior College (1961); and invitations to the First, Second, and Fourth Nursing Convocations at Newton Junior College (1961-1964).

Other items include an audio cassette tape recording of an interview with Allen by Boston nurse Faye Berzon (1984) and a transcript of the interview.
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