Kibrick, Anne (1919- )
The Anne Kibrick collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection includes drafts of presentations, speeches, and essays written by Kendrick. These include "Nursing Today – Its Responsibilities," presented at the Annual Meeting of the New England Hospital Assembly (1964); "Nursing in Transition – New Responsibilities, New requirements," presented at the Annual Conference for Nurses, Saint John's University (1964); "The Shifting scene: Building for Strength in Graduate Education in Nursing," presented at the National League for Nursing Council of Member Agencies (1966); "University Programs in Nursing – A Survey of the National Scene," Yale University (1966); "Graduate Education in Nursing," presented at the 21st Conference of the Council of Member Agencies of the department of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs (1967); an address given at the Junior Pinning Ceremony of the Boston University School of Nursing (1968); an address delivered at the dedication of the School of Nursing Building at the University of Iowa, Ames (1971); "The Role of the Nurse Practitioner," delivered at the Annual Meeting of the California League for Nursing (1972); "The Extended Role of the Nurse Today," delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Virginia League for Nursing (1972); "A Health Care System - Utopian or Realistic?" delivered at the Biennial Convention of the Ohio League for Nursing (1972); "Responsible and Responsive Nursing," delivered at the Puerto Rico League for Nursing Convention (1972); "How Can Diploma Programs Become Part of the Mainstream of Change in the Health Field," delivered before the Massachusetts League for Nursing (1972); "The Changing Roles of the Health Care Professionals," delivered before the New England Hospital Assembly (1973); and "The Role of Continuing Education in Quality Health Care," delivered at the Georgia League for Nursing Convention (1974). There are also a number of drafts of similar presentations and essays written by Kibrick; a number of reports in the collection that include "Future Shock," presented at the California League for Nursing Biennial Convention, Los Angeles (1972); "Initial Report and Preliminary Recommendations," issued by the National Commission on Nursing (1971-1972); and "Testimony of Anne Kibrick to the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Labor, Health, Education and Welfare Committee on Appropriations" (1971). Manuscript essays written by others about Kibrick include "Anne Kibrick – An Important Figure in Nursing Today," by Cathy Klein (1973); and "Nursing: A Philosophy of Caring," by George Soucy (1979).

Correspondence in the Kibrick collection includes a range of Congessional responses to letters Kibrick and fellow-nurse Lucille Sommermeyer received in response to their letters regarding the Nursing Acts of 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1968, including Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, Lister Hill (1964-1965); Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Oren Harris to both Kibrick and Sommermeyer (1964); Massachusetts Representative, Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. to both Sommermeyer and Kibrick (1964); South Carolina Representative Robert W. Hemphill to Lucille Sommermeyer (1964); Chairman, United States Senate Committee on Public Parks Pat MacNamara to Lucille Sommermeyer (1064); Nebraska Representative Glenn Cunningham to Lucille Sommermeyer (1964); Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell to Lucille Sommermeyer (1964); Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy to Anne Kibrick (1964); Massachusetts Senator Leverett Saltonstall to Anne Kibrick and Lucille Sommermeyer (1964); Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater to Lucille Sommermeyer (1964); Massachusetts Representative Silvio Conte to Kibrick (1964, 1968); Speaker of the House John McCormack to Kibrick (1964; 1965; 1968); Jessie M. Scott, Chief, Division of Nursing, U.S. Public Health Service to Kibrick (1965, 1968); Massachusetts Representative F. Bradford Morse to Kibrick (1966, 1968); and  Massachusetts Representative J.A. Keith to Kibrick (1968). There are also letters of congratulations to Kibrick upon her appointment as Dean of Boston University School of Nursing (1963); a letter to Kibrick from nurse Stella Goostray (1967); and a letter to Kibrick from Boston University Nursing Archives archivist Nancy Noel (1982).

Photographs in the collection consist of a photo of the Annual Banquet of the Boston University Nurses Club, held at the Hotel Sheraton, Boston (1946).  

Memorabilia in the collection include her identity card for the Massachusetts Committee on Public Safety; her identity card for the War Manpower Commission Procurement and Assignment Service for Nurses; her Boston College Faculty identity card; and her name card from the 2nd Arab International Conference on AIDS. 

Printed material in the collection includes a number of booklets: "A New Facility for Boston University School of Nursing" (1967); "Boston University School of Nursing Yearbook" (1967); "From Diploma School to College: Two Case Studies on Changing Patterns within Institutions for Nursing Education," prepared by the National; "Commission for the Study of Nursing Education"; and "The Diploma Nurse, the Hospital School, and the National Commission," prepared by the National Commission for the Study of Nursing and Nursing Education.  Pamphlets in the collection include "Institute of Medicine Members," prepared by the National Academy of Sciences (1971); and "A Guide for Establishing Statewide Master Planning Committees," prepared by the National Commission for the Study of Nursing and Nursing Education. There are various newsletters in the collection concerning Kibrick (1963-1996); as well as various newspaper and magazine clippings concerning Kibrick (1948-1999). Periodicals in the collection include, Nursing Outlook, Convention Reports NLN-NSNA (1971); and Bridge, for the Boston College Community (1972).
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