Leahy, Kathleen M.
The Kathleen M. Leahy collection consists of manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection include the short non-fiction pieces "There But for the Grace of God" (1944); an incomplete draft of "Frances Slanger Story" (1945); "Evening Rounds" (1945); "Future Customers Learn How" (1953), published without a byline in Women's Ready to Wear (1954); "My Friend, Mary" (1955); and "All God's Children."  Professional papers in the collection include: "Report to the Dean on My Return from Service with the ARC" (1946); a draft of a speech delivered by Leahy at the 50th Anniversary Dinner of the American Journal of Nursing (1950); a draft of a report on a "Visit to Ecole d’Infirmieres et d’Assistantes Sociales de Strasbourg" (1952); "Report to the Dean," concerning a conference of Non-Government Organization Representatives at the United Nations (1954).  Other manuscript material includes Leahy's "Budget Book" (1944); "Cruise of the Betty Belle, Keeper of the Log – K. Leahy" (1947); "Mary M. Roberts Retires as Editor," a reprint from American Journal of Nursing, vol. 49, no. 5 (1949), signed by Mary M. Roberts and Lucile Petry Leone; "Congratulations to Nursing research on its Tenth Birthday" (1962); "This is What I Believe About Nursing" (1963); a review of the book Vassar's Rainbow Division 1919, by G.B. Clapison (1964); a review of the book American Women of Nursing, by Edna Yost (1965); "Our Readers Say," published in Nursing Outlook (1967); a review of American Nurses Association Regional and Clinical Conferences 1967 (1968); a review of the book Memoirs: Half a Century in Nursing, by Stella Goostray (1969); a review of the book The Emergence of Modern Nursing, by Vern L. and Bonnie Bullough (1969); a review of the book The Woolsey Sisters of New York, by Anne Austin (1971); a review of the book Cornerstone for Nursing Education: A History of the Division of Nursing Education of Teachers College, Columbia University 1899-1947, by Teresa E. Christy (1980); and a bibliography of publications by Leahy (1977). There is also a draft of an unpublished piece by Leahy and Bessie Amerman Haasis (1974).

Photographs in the collection include a portrait of Leahy (1959); and a group photograph of Leahy, Martha Belte, and Helen Anderson, at the Hotel Pierre, New York City, at a dinner in honor of the return of Mildred and Sims Gaynor of the American Journal of Nursing (1969).

Correspondence in the collection includes a letter from Leahy to her father, concerning a cruise taken in 1940; multiple letters to Leahy from Mildred Gaynor, Editor of Nursing Outlook (1963-1965); from Sims Gaynor, Business Manager of Nursing Outlook (1962); from Lucy D. Germain, Executive Director of American Journal of Nursing Company (1962; 1963); and from Lucille E. Notter, Editor of Nursing Research (1962).

Printed material in the collection includes "A Brief History of Hospital Dietetics," The Pacific Coast Journal of Nursing, vol. 28, no. 3 (1932); "Elizabeth Sterling Soule" (1939); "Winter in Switzerland," Washington State Journal of Nursing, vol. 25, no. 2 (1952); "Problems in Strasbourg, Like Our Own," Washington State Journal of Nursing, vol. 25, no. 3 (1952); "Introducing Your Editors," Nursing Outlook, vol. 1, no. 1 (1953); "This I Believe About Public Health Nursing," Nursing Outlook, vol. 11, no. 11 (1953); "World Health Organization Working Conference on Nursing Education, Report No. 60," Geneva (1953), Kathleen M. Leahy was a member; and "Nursing Outlook 1953-1962," Nursing Outlook, vol. 11, no. 1 (1963).

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