Deutsch, Naomi (1890-1983)
The Naomi Deutsch collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and printed material. 

Manuscripts by Deutsch include speeches and articles, some unpublished (1916-1951) radio talks (1932-1934); draft of a speech (1944); a book review (1951); "Report of the Joint Committee on Inter-American Nursing of the American Nurses Association, The National League for Nursing Education, and The National Organization for Public Health Nursing"; "The Importance of Bedside Nursing in Public Health"; and "The Use of Records and Statistics by Local Agencies."  Manuscripts not by Deutsch consist of "The United States Children’s Bureau and Public Health Nursing Prior to the Passage of the Sheppard-Towner Act," prepared for Miss Deutsch’s office by E. Kendall (1940).

There is correspondence in the collection from Ella Wilson Still to Naomi Deutsch (1926); lettes related to Deutsch’s appointment as Director of the Children’s Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor (1935); correspondence related to her work for the Pan-American Sanitation Bureau (1942-1945); multiple letters relative to biographical material on Deutsch to be published in Who's Who (1943- 1947); and other items.

Photographs in the collection include a series of photos of Deutsch in uniform; a photo taken in Santiago, Chile (1945); a photo of a nutritionist visiting a home with a Henry Street Settlement House nurse; and a photo of a group of women, including: Naomi Deutsch; Virginia Dunbar; Isabel Maitland Stewart; Mary M. Roberts; and Lillian Hudson.

Printed material includes programs from speeches given by Deutsch (1926); and various book reviews, articles, clippings, and pieces about Deutsch from various publications (1928-1965).
Notable Figures
1. Deutsch, Naomi, 1890-1983