Nahm, Helen (1901-1992)
The Helen Nahm collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and memorabilia.

Manuscripts in the Helen Nahm collection include a copy of her Master's thesis, "Factors Associated with Job Satisfaction in Nursing," University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (1939); and a copy of her Doctoral thesis, "An Evaluation of Selected Schools of Nursing with Respect to Certain Educational Objectives," University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (1946). 

Reports in the collection include "A Summary of ... Conference on Curriculum" (1954); "Report of Study Made for the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education" (1955); "A Report of Visit to Far Eastern Countries" (1962); "Factor Analysis of Nursing Students' Application Data, Entrance Test Scores, Achievement Test Scores and Grades in Nursing School: Measurement and Prediction of Nursing Performance, Part I," by Nahm, Calvin Taylor, Mildred Quinn, Mary Harms, and Jane and Stanley A. Mulaik, (1965); "Selection and Recruitment of Nurses and Nursing Students: A Review of Research Studies and Practices," by Nahm, Calvin W. Taylor, Lorraine Loy, Mary Harms, Jeanne Berthold, and John A. Wolfer (1966); "Report of Sabbatical Leave – July 1, 1954-January 1, 1966," by Nahm (1966). 

Papers, talks, and speeches by Nahm include: papers prepared during Summer Session at University of California, Berkeley (1929); "In-Service Educational Programs for Staff Nurses" (ca. 1929-1943); "The Personnel Program in a School of Nursing" (ca. 1937-1943); "Maintaining Values in Schools of Nursing" (1943); various pieces for the University of Minnesota (1939-1942); "Trends in the Field of Nursing" (1954); "The Concept of Continuity in Nursing Education: Problems of Progression" (1957); "Student Learning and Patient Care" (1958); "Nursing Education" (1958); "Social Sciences, Psychiatry and Psychiatric Nursing" (1958); "Nursing – the Past and the Future" (1958); "Generalized Versus Specialized Baccalaureate Degree Programs in Nursing"; "Integration of Psychiatric Nursing Concepts"; "Relationships Between Medical and Nursing Education," by Nahm and Doris I. Miller, University of California Medical Center; "The Pursuit of Excellence in the West – a Review of Five Years of WCHEN" (1962); "Trends in Nursing in the United States" (1962); "From Dreams to Realities in Nursing Education" (1963); "Nursing Education – Responsibility for Preparation of Leadership Personnel"; remarks commemorating the dedication of the New College of Nursing and Health, University of Cincinnati (1968); "Further Education of Professional Nurses: Implications of Chapter VIII of Report of Surgeon General's Consultant Group on Nursing" (1970); "Behavioral Sciences in Nursing Education,"  edited by Helena Pizurki, Technical Officer, Health Manpower Planning, Division of Health Manpower Development, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland (1973); "What We Have Learned in the United States From More Than Thirty Years of Accreditation of Nursing Schools" (1974); acceptance remarks made at the first announcement of the Helen E. Nahm Research Lecture (1981); and "One of the Most Essential Groups of Personnel is That Found in the Nursing Department". 

There are also several manuscripts related to committee reports and directories with which Nahm was involved, dating from 1957 to 1979, mostly for the University of California School of Nursing, San Francisco.

Correspondence in the collection mostly consists of letters regarding positions, committee work, and other professional activities (1945-1980).  Notable individuals include Virginia Arnold; Martha Bartholf, Dean, School of Nursing, University of Texas at Galveston; Bertram S. Brown, Director, Public Health Service, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; Helen L. Bunge, Teachers College, Columbia University; Katharine J. Bensford, Director, University of Minnesota School of Nursing; M.G. Candau, Director-General, World Health Organization; Maura C. Carroll, Associate Dean, University of California San Francisco School of Nursing; Alice R. Clarke (1966); Ruth Dalrymple, Dean, College of Nursing and Health, University of Cincinnati (1968); A. Louise Dietrich, General Secretary, Texas Graduate Nurses Association (1951); Harold L. Enarson, Executive Director, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education; Ruth B. Freeman, World Health Organization; Myrtice L. Fuller, Director, School of Nursing, Newton-Wellesley Hospital; Mildred Gaynor; Hazel A. Goff, National Nursing Accrediting Service; Frank Graham, President, University of North Carolina; Inez Haynes, Secretary and General Director, National League for Nursing; Eunice M. King, President, Texas League for Nursing; Robert M. MacDonald, Dean, Faculty of Health Professions, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia; R. Louise McManus, Director, Teachers College, Columbia University; Paul B. Magnuson, Chairman, The President's Commission on the Health Needs of the Nation; Mary A. Maher, Boston University School of Nursing; Malcolm Moos, President, University of Minnesota; Helen E. Patterson, Dean, School of Nursing, University of Oklahoma;  H.J. Rehn, Southern Illinois University; Leonard A. Scheele, Surgeon General; Dorothy M. Smith, Dean, College of Nursing, University of Florida; Eugenia K. Spaulding, Teachers College, Columbia University; Robert Gordon Sproul, President, University of California; Mary K. Stanley, President, California Nurses Association; Elsie Stephenson, Director, Nursing Studies Unit, University of Edinburgh; M. Pearl Stiver, General Secretary, Canadian Nurses Association;  Margetta M. Styles, Professor and Dean, University of California San Francisco School of Nursing; Margaret A. Tracy, Dean, School of Nursing, University of California at San Francisco; Lily M. Turnbull, Chief Nursing Officer for Health Manpower Plans; Dorothy Wheeler; Judith G. Whitaker, Executive Director, American Nurses Association; and Stanley F. Yolles, Director, National Institute of Mental Health.  Correspondence in the collection not written to Helen Nahm, includes a letter from Linda Wolf Hassenplug, Dean, University of California San Francisco School of Nursing to Anna Fillmore (1955); and Lucille F. Notter to Mary Harms, University of California Medical Center (1968). There is also correspondence in the collection related to a proposed international consultation between the Free University of Iran and the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing, Istanbul, Turkey. Correspondents include Farinaz Parsay, R.N., B.S.N. to Nahm; and Neyzi Olcay, M.D., to Nahm and Sarah Archer (1975).  Also present are letters to Nahm regarding the ANA Bicentennial Project for Articles about Historical Research, correspondents include M. Elizabeth Carnegie; Susan R. Gertner; Beatrice and Philip Kalisch; and Elizabeth M. See. 

Printed material in the collection includes various papers, talks and speeches, dating from ca. 1941 to 1981;a copy of the Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota yearbook, The 1945 Liner, with Nahm listed as Associate Professor of Nursing Education and Director of the Hamline-Asbury School of Nursing (1945); and other items.  Printed items by others include: The Story of Linda Richards: Nursing with the Heart, by Lorraine Judson Carbary; tear sheets from Tomorrow's NurseMary M. Roberts 1877-1959, by Barbara Deushane; and other items.

Photographs include various photos of Nahm, dating from ca. 1922 to 1997. Images include: the Duke University Institute with Helen Nahm in a group (1947); the Department of Health, National League of Nurses, Manila, Phillipines (1962); the Faculty of the Far Eastern University Institute of Nursing, Manila, Phillipines, including Helen Nahm (ca. 1962); the University of Minnesota Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award Ceremony, with  Nahm (1968); the dedication of Nahm's portrait (1969); the Department of Health, National League of Nurses, Manila, Phillipines Luncheon, with Helen Nahm in group (1972); the recipients of the Distinguished Service Award, University of California San Francisco, with Nahm (1997); and the Council of Community Planning for Nursing, with Nahm. 

Memorabilia in the collection consists of certificates, honors, and recognitions, including: a Certificate of Honorary Membership in the Duke University Nurses’ Alumnae Association (1949); Certificates of Appreciation from the Health, education, and Welfare Department, Public Health Service (undated); Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Missouri (1961); Women's Centennial Honor Award, University of Missouri (1966); Citation of Merit, University of Missouri (1966); Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, University of Cincinnati (1968); Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Florida (1971); Certificate of Membership, Century Council, University of Minnesota (1972); Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of California (1977); Distinguished Service Medal, University of California (1977); Honorary Fellowship in the American Academy of Nursing (1978); and a copy of The National Founder's Award, Sigma Theta Tau (1979).
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