Kerley, Artie-Sue
The Artie-Sue Kerley collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, 
Manuscript material in the collection includes course notebooks, both from her time in "Communicable Diseases" (1927); notes on "Ward Administration";
"Ward Teaching"; and "The Head Nurse as Teacher" (all 1932). There are a number of examination papers, taken by Kerley as a student, in the collection including, "Ethics" (1925); "Bacteriology" (1925); "Chemistry" (1925); "Drugs and Solutions" (1925); "Physiology" (1925); "Personal Hygiene" (1935); "Bandaging" (1925); "Sanitation" (1926); "Nursing History" (1926); "Pathology" (1926); "Occupational Therapy" (1926); "Mental Nursing (1926); Communicable and Medical Diseases (1926); Anatomy and Physiology (1926); and Surgery (1926). Papers written by Kerley include, "Vincent DePaul – Fifty Years of Apprenticeship" (1931); "The French Revolution" (1932); "Three Connected Moments" (1934); "The Need of an Extra-Curricular Activities Program and the Possibilities for Such Program in Our School of Nursing" (1934); "Selection of Student Nurses" (1934); "Plans, Techniques, Advantages and Limitations of Individual Instruction" (1935); "Bases of Behavior, Individual Study" (1939); "Organization and Administration of Guidance" (1941); and "Measurement in Education and Vocational Guidance" (1941). 

There are also copies of papers by others in the collection of historic interest, including Florence Nightingale and Annie W. Goodrich. These are followed by notebooks on "The Role of the Teacher in Personnel Work" (1939); "Measurement in Educational and Vocational Guidance" (ca. 1936-1940); and "Methods in Educational Research – Report on Research Problem" (1942).  There are course outlines, bibliographies, instructions and reports from the New Jersey State Hospital of Nursing, including psychiatry (circa 1932); neurology (ca. 1932); and "Elementary Materia Medica" (1932). Manuscript material related to Boston City Hospital School of Nursing includes, Report on Reorganization Effected and of Plans Made for the Boston City Hospital School of Nursing (1937); and Information and Instructions for Affiliating Students (1940). Manuscript material related to Boston University School of Nursing includes the following course descriptions, Advanced Study of Medical Nursing (1940-1941); Psychoanalysis and Religion (1951-1952); Psychiatric Nursing (1950-1952); and Personnel Administration (1952). Manuscript material related to Capital City School of Nursing, Washington, D.C. includes course notes for Psychiatric-Mental Health nursing (1969). 
There is general correspondence in the collection (1922-1976). There is also correspondence related to Kerley's exploration of possible employment opportunities following her discharge from the Army Nurse Corps. Correspondents include Mary Beard, Director, Nursing Service, American Red Cross (1943); Louise Gates, Professor of Nursing, University of Virginia (1943); Edith Patton, Assistant Editor, American Journal of Nursing (1943); Margaret Pinkerton, Dean, Duke University School of Nursing (1943); Laura W. Fitzsimmons, Nursing Consultant, American Psychiatric Association (1945); Martha Ruth Smith, Boston University (1945; 1946); Edna S. Lepper, Assistant Superintendent of Nurses, Massachusetts General Hospital, Massachusetts State Nurses Association (1945; 1946); and Anna H. Scott, Executive Secretary, American Nurses Association (1946). 

Photographs in the collection include a photo of Kerley in civilian dress (ca. 1940); a photo of Kerley, US Army Nursing Corps (ca. 1940s); a US Army group photo with Kerley as the only woman in the shot (ca. 1940s); a small group photograph of women: Sally Johnson, Edna Lepper, Elsa Storm, Daphne Corbett, and others (1952).

Memorabilia in the collection include a copy of Kerley's diploma from Taylorsville High school, Taylorsville, North Carolina (1924); the New Jersey State Hospital School of Nursing, Greystone Park, New Jersey (1928); Columbia University, Bachelor of Science (1935); Columbia University, Instructor Schools of Nursing (1935); and Boston University, Masters in Education (1943). There is a Certificate of Registration as an R.N. in the State of Indiana (1937); and a Certificate of registration as an R.N. in the State of Massachusetts (1938).  Also present in the collection is a membership badge and card from the First International Congress on Mental Hygiene, Washington, D.C. (1930); a membership badge and card from the International Congress on Mental Health, London, along with a statement by the International Preparatory Commission (1948).

Printed material in the collection includes "The Making of History in Nursing Education," by Richard Olding Beard, M.D., reprinted from American Journal of Nursing (1922); "The Crisis in Nursing," by Dorothy Dunbar Bromley, tear sheets from Harper's Monthly Magazine (ca. 1930); a program from the dedication of the George Robert White Memorial Building, Massachusetts General Hospital (1939); newspaper clippings related to World War II (1942-1945); newspaper clippings concerning Boston City Hospital events, including the Coconut Grove fire (1942); Boston University School of Nursing Alumni Association Publication Series, vol. 1, no. 1 (ca. 1943); assorted periodicals including, Yank, the Army Weekly (1944); The Army Nurse (1947); Independent Women (1945); and Nursing World (1954).  There is material related to Mason General Hospital, the first neuro-psychiatric hospital of the US Army, in Brentwood, Long Island, New York (Kerley was Captain, ANC and Principal Chief Nurse).  Printed material about military neuro-psychiatric care includes "Hospital Regulations," Mason General Hospital (1944); and Spotlite, the hospital's weekly newsletter, an incomplete set, vol. 1, No. 1 - vol. 2, no. 30 (1945-1946).  Other printed material includes: Report of the Conference on Advanced Programs in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, published by the National League of Nursing, Long Island, New York (1951); The Importance of the Arts and Sciences in the Education of the Nurse Therapist on the Doctoral Level, by June Mellow (1959); and a Boston University School of Nursing Alumni Association Founder's Day program (1961).
Notable Figures
1. Kerley, Artie-Sue