Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association
The Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association collection consists of professional material, correspondence, printed material, scrapbooks, photographs, and other items.

Professional material in the collection include: bound notebooks regarding the Private Duty Nurses Section (1932-1937); financial records (1925-1934); motions and amendments/committees (1934-1947); Secretary's record books (1920-1963); President's speeches and reports (1961-1964); a written statement concerning the fortieth anniversary celebration of the Beth Israel Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association (1962); financial reports concerning fees and miscellaneous charges for students (1960); "Philosophy and Objectives of the School of Nursing" (1961); "Suggestions for Improvement" (1961); report of the Nursing Group of the Professional Subcommittee (1962); minutes of the Advisory Committee to the School of Nursing (1962-1963, 1965); student lecture notes (1925-1926); a procedural manual (1948); notebooks of Beth Israel Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association motions (1967-1984); Alumnae Association minutes (1970-2009); and files on the Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing including reports, correspondence, and printed material (1902-1997).

Correspondence in the collection includes: letters regarding the School of Nursing's Foster Parents Project, with letters between Nguyen Kim Gong (Saigon) and Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing students (1962-1967); an invitation to the dedication of the Feldberg Building, along with a note from Mitchell T. Rabkin, MD (1976); a letter from US President Bill Clinton to Shirley Miller Cavior (1995); and other items.

Printed material in the collection includes: Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing Announcements (1933-1961); The Stethoscope, Beth Israel Hospital Nurses’ Alumnae Association Newsletter (1938-1939); capping exercises programs (1950-1954); Alumnibus, the Official Publication of the Beth Israel Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association (1956-1970); "Medical Distaff – U.S. Nurses Profiled in All-Inclusive Survey," reprinted from Scope Weekly (1960); "Life at 330 Brookline Avenue," brochure (1961); and "Nursing: Programs and Problems," a reprint from AMA News (1963).

There are a number of scrapbooks in the collection. Each scrapbook contains various news clippings, photographs, bulletins, letters, and certificates.  One scrapbook had material dating from 1916 to 1961.  Another scrapbook (1920-1961) contains certifications for the School of Nursing (1927, 1930); a history of the Alumnae Association; photographs of students in class and various other activities; Constitution and By-Laws of the Nurses’ Alumnae Association; and an issue of Alumnibus.  Another scrapbook (1938-1949) contains photographs; news clippings; and programs.  "Nursing Activities" (1950-1953) contains photographs and news clippings.  There is also material regarding a 1947 questionnaire sent to nurses who had worked at Beth Israel Hospital prior to World War II, asking about their service during the War; the collection contains the returned questionnaire, many with letters and photographs included.

Photographs in the collection include images of various School of Nursing events: graduating classes; alumnae meetings; Rudy Vallee with a student nurse; 30th Anniversary Reunion (1952); Alumnae Day (1953); and Rose Finkelstein receiving a Beth Israel Hospital Nursing award.

Other material in the collection includes a video cassette recording of the graduation of the class of 1935 (transferred from film); one student nurse uniform, complete with collar, bib, and apron; uniform pieces, including dresses, shirts, capes, and caps; a Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association sweatshirt; a Beth Israel Hospital gray wool poncho; and a Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing Class of 1926 school pin.
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