Beland, Irene L. (1906-2000)
The Irene L. Beland collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, memorabilia, photographs, and printed material.

Manuscripts by Beland in the collection include her Master's thesis, "The Comparative Toxicities of the Cardiac Glucosides in the Frog" (1938), Presented to the Graduate Faculty of the University of Minnesota; "Report of the South American Trip to the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Department of State" (1951); "A Report to the University of Chile School of Nursing" (1951); "Patient-Centered Approaches to Nursing" (1960); and "Bibliography and Objectives for Faculty Workshop: Selecting Essential Content" (1971).

Correspondence in the collection includes letters (mostly professional) to and from Beland.  Correspondents include Sister Domitilla, St. Mary's School of Nursing, Rochester, MN (1931-1938); Marie Farrell, Acting Dean, Boston University School of Nursing (1952); Anna Filmore, General Director, National League for Nursing (1952); Asa B. Elliott, Vice President G. Putnam Sons (1957); Methilde Bazinet, University of Ottowa School of Nursing (1959); Mary M. Anderson, Executive Secretary of the Michigan Board of Nursing (1959); Faye Abdellah, Grants Section, Health, Education, and Welfare (1959 and 1965); Mary K. Carl, Dean, University of Illinois school of Nursing, Chicago (1959 and 1972); Emily Cardew, Dean, University of Illinois School of Nursing, Chicago (1959 and 1962); Sister M. Thomas, Dean, College of Nursing, Marquette University (1959); Almeda Martin, Director of Nursing, Lenox Hill Hospital (1959); Jeannette Blake, St. Mary’s school of Nursing, Rochester, MN (1961); Barbara G. Schutt, Editor, American Journal of Nursing (1962);  Lucille Petry Leone (1964-1965); Dr. M. Essam Fiksky, Alexandria University, Egypt (1964); Jean DuBois Galkin, Dean, Lucy Webb Hayes School of Nursing, American University, Washington, D.C. (1964; 1965); Edna L. Fritz, Director, University of  Minnesota, Minneapolis School of Nursing (1965); Eleanor Smith, Director, Methodist-Kohler School of Nursing, Rochester, MN (1965); Sister Maria Antonia, Assistant Director, St. Johns Hickey Memorial Hospital (1965); Apollonia O. Adams, Chair, Ad. Hoc. Committee on Public Health Service Nurses (1965); Agnes W. Chagas, Pan American Health Organization (1965); E. Louise Grant, Dean, Medical College of George School of Nursing, (1965-1966); Sister M. Lea, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia (1965-1966); Mrs. C. Jacob, Director of Clinical Department, College of Nursing, Keyala, India (1966); Curwood L. Chall, RN, Michigan League for Nursing (1966); Lydia E. Hull, Loeb Center, Mentefiore Hospital, Bronx (1967); Doris B. Yingling, Dean, Medical College of Virginia School of Nursing (1967); Helen C. Belcher, Southern Regional Education Board (1968); Marilyn J. Christian, Associate Dean, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing (1973); Rose Marie Chioni, Associate Dean, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing (1973). There is also a section of professional correspondence dealing specifically with Beland's publishers, Macmillan and McGraw-Hill; and with the various editions of her book Clinical Nursing (1962-1981). Correspondence to Beland from representatives From the Macmillan Company include various editors (1959-1971), sales managers (1960), the Vice President of the College and Professional Division (1964-1965), and production division personnel (1964- 1965). There is also correspondence from Macmillan Company about Beland's book to various parties who had expressed an interest in the publication (1955-1970), as well as letters to Beland from Stuart D. Boynton, her editor at McGraw-Hill (1967).

Memorabilia in the collection consists of certificates and diplomas.  These include: a St. Mary's School of Nursing, Rochester, MN, Scholarship Award for Advanced Work in Nursing Education (1931); St. Mary's Hospital School of Nursing, Rochester, MN, Diploma (1931); University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Science Degree with Distinction (1937); University of Minnesota, Master of Science Degree (1938); Minnesota Nurses Association, Official transfer from Minnesota Nurses Association to Michigan Nurses Association, signed by Ragna Gynuld, RN (1947); Michigan Board of Registration of Nurses (1947); Minnesota State Board of Examiners of Nurses. Registered Nurse Renewal Certificate (1948); Sigma Theta Tau, Lambda Chapter, A Citation to Honor Irene L. Beland RN, BS, MS (1969).

Photographs in the collection include a selection of black and white snapshots; a photograph taken at a retirement party, featuring a Mrs. Hilberry; Irene L. Beland; her eighty-nine year-old mother, Kathryn; and W. Rhea Keast (ca. 1935).

Printed material in the collection includes: "Use of Aluminum Metal in Contact with Blood in Perfusion Systems, by Beland, with Gordon K. Moe and M.B. Vescher from the Department of Physiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, reprinted from the Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine (1938); "Stages in the Evolution of a Book from its Manuscript Form," from the Macmillan Company's Medical Department (1956); "A Design for a Program of Evaluation," News Views, Detroit District Michigan State Nurses Association, Vol. 11, No. 12 (1958); Macmillan Co. College Marketing Department publicity questionnaire (1962); a Macmillan Co. brochure publicizing Beland's book Clinical Nursing: Pathophysiological and Psychosocial Approaches (1965); "Application of Patient-Centered Curriculum in Bachelor of Science Programs" (1965), chapter 6 of Beland's book; "Project Grant Application for Improvement in Nurse Training," from Alverno College (1965); reviews of Beland's book from several journals, including Catholic Nurse (1965), New York State Journal of Medicine (1966), and the American Journal of Nursing (1966); "Systematic Approach to Nursing," Wayne State University College of Nursing (1967); "Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association Workshop Booklet," by Beland (1970); and "Knowledge: the Basis of Competence," by Beland, College of Nursing Trivandrum, Student Nurses Association Magazine (1978). Articles by others in the collection include: "Studies on the Native Glucosides of Digitalis Lanata with Particular Reference to Their Effects upon Cardian Efficiency and Their Toxicity," by Gordon K. Moe and Maurice B. Visscher, reprinted from the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Vol. 64, No. 1 (1938); "Coronary Flow Factors in the Dynamics of the Failing Heart," by Moe and Visscher, reprinted from the University of Minnesota Medical School Digest, Vol. 2, No. 3 (1939); and news releases from the ANA News (1983); and from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1972). 
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