Brown, Mary Magoun (1869-1962)
The Mary Magoun Brown collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, printed material, diaries and journals, among other items.

Manuscripts in collection includes reports and studies, articles, essays, and other items.  Reports, by Brown unless otherwise noted, include "Some Points in the Case of Maternity Care in Sloane Hospital for Women, New York City, in January 1897, Contrasted with the Care of a Maternity Case in the Same Hospital in January 1929"; American Red Cross Hospitality Reports (1925-1930); "Of What Use Were the Bales of Old Clothes Sent to the Near East Relief" (ca. 1920); Social Service Work for Nurses: a Three-Year Study (1920); "Annie W. Goodrich to Reports from the Reader, Office of Public Health, Nursing Service of the New York Chapter of the American Red Cross – Trial Month" (1933), documenting Magoun’s last official post, as a reader to the blind at the Columbia-Presbyterian Eye Institute; "A Message from Annie Warburton Goodrich" (1942); "Yale Alumni Association Reports. School of Nursing 1952-1953, concerning Annie W. Goodrich" (1953), no author cited; reports of dinners and luncheons for Members of the National Organization for Public Health Nursing at the Cosmopolitan Club (1915-1917, 1921-1923); and reports of American Red Cross luncheons and teas (1929-1931).

Articles, essays, and other writings by Brown include "The Henry Street Visiting Nurse Service" (1918); Care and Attention Given to Nurses Who are Ill, by Mary Magoun (1920); "A Tribute on the Occasion of Miss Anna Caroline Maxwell’s Resignation" (1921), "Anna Caroline Maxwell was known as the American Florence Nightingale"; "Glimpses of the Early History and Present Peace Time Activities of the  American Red Cross" (1922); "I Was a Member of the Red Cross Unit of Nurses Working with the Near East Relief" (1924);  "A Study of Welfare Work for Nurses for the American Red Cross Nursing Service," for a course at Teachers College, Columbia University (1928); "Lilian Wald: Pioneer in Visiting Nursing" (1929); "An Account of Miss Wald’s Funeral (1929)"; a poem, "Lillian Wald, great-hearted woman..." (1929); and "Anna Caroline Maxwell, R.N., MA" (1929). Also included is a draft of a speech by Brown delivered at the Senior Breakfast for the Class of 1947. 

Correspondence in the collection is mostly professional in nature and dates from 1910s to the 1950s. Correspondents include many notable nursing and medical professionals, such as Mary Beard, director of the Boston Instructive District Nursing Association; S. Lillian Clayton, President of the National League for Nursing Education; Helen Fidelia Draper, American Red Cross, New York Chapter; Annie W. Goodrich, Henry Street Settlement’s Visiting Nurses Service; Anna C. Maxwell, renowned army nurse; Clara D. Noyes, National Director, Nursing Service, American Red Cross; and Lillian D. Wald, founder of the Henry Street Settlement.

Photographs in the collection include Brown with her classmates in nursing school (circa 1897; identified on the verso); an undated print of Brown in her American Red Cross uniform; Brown with a Miss Williams at the Columbia-Presbyterian Eye Institute, where Brown last worked (circa 1949); and an undated photograph of Killikki Pohjala, a Finnish nurse and Member of Parliament.

Memorabilia in the collection belonging to Mary Magoun Brown includes textiles, medals, diplomas and certificates, among other items, such as a blue and white striped Public Health Nursing Student uniform with multiple sets of aprons, bibs, collars and cuffs; an American Red Cross pin; an American Red Cross Foreign Service pin; a Near East Relief medal (1915); military ribbons; and an American Red Cross Nursing Service Appointment card (1915). 

Diplomas, certificates, and citations include a certificate from the Sloane Maternity Hospital of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, City of New York, Training School for Nurses (1897); diploma from the Presbyterian Hospital Training School for Nurses (1897); a certificate from the University of the State of New York, recognizing Mary Magoun Brown as a Registered Nurse (1904); a certificate of life membership in the American Red Cross (1915); a certificate for Humanitarian Service, Near East Relief Service (1920); a Foreign Service Certificate, American Red Cross (1920); diploma from Teachers College, Columbia University, Bachelor of Science degree (1929); diploma from Teachers college, Columbia University, for Home Nursing and Child Care (1930); and a Certificate of Recognition for Service, American Red Cross (1946).

Diaries and journals in the collection include Daily Reminder diary, written when Brown served with the Foreign Service of the American Red Cross with the Near East Relief Program, working in orphanages in what is now Istanbul; the Russian Caucus, in Tiflis; and Karalkis, Armenia (1919). The diary describes inspections; the incessant fight with dirt; unwilling help; and the distribution of massive medical and clothing supplies for the refuge population. 

Also included in the collection are a number of notebooks documenting Brown’s daily work with the Boston Instructive District Nurse Association (1918); and a number of other diaries (1939-1949) and lists of students suggested for Brown’s annual Thanksgiving dinners, including Rockefeller Foundation Nursing Fellows (1934 and 1937).

Notable Figures
1. Brown, Mary Magoun