American Association for the History of Nursing
The American Association for the History of Nursing collection consists of professional material, financial material, correspondence, printed material, photographs, memorabilia, and other material.

Professional material in the collection includes: material about the organization’s early years (1979-1981); constitution and by-laws for the International History of Nursing Society (IHNS) and the AAHN; meeting minutes (1980-2004); reports (1982-2000s); membership information (1980-2000s); items regarding the Midwest Alliance in Nursing (1981-1982); material regarding the Board of Directors (1982-2000s); board meeting materials (1982-2000s); membership forms and cards; samples of stationery (1983); material about annual conferences on nursing history (1984-2013); committee material (1984-1985); material about the Midwest Nursing Historical Collection Project (1980-1982); items on the AAHN Awards (1987-1996); papers of Nettie Birnback while President of the AAHN (1997-1999); material regarding the Society for Nursing History (1990s); items regarding various grave sites; material regarding Nursing History Review (2006-2010); and other items.

Financial material includes fiscal statements (1980-2001); itemized statements and invoices (1982-1992); bank records (1982-1993); tax documents (1983-1992); grant proposals; accounting records (1980-1987); fundraising (1985-1986); and other items.

Correspondence includes letters regarding the Board of Directors (1981-1982); letters regarding a booth at the ICN meeting (1980-1981); correspondence with the President of the AAHN (1981-1983); letters regarding the NLN convention (1983) and the ANA convention (1984); letters about the newsletter (1983-1984); letters about membership promotion (1983-1984); several letters to and from Shirley Fondiller; letters regarding requests for submissions for the Teresa E. Christy and Lavinia L. Dock Awards and the Richard H. Shryock Medal (1990-1998); general correspondence (1980-2005); and other items.

Printed material includes bulletins (1981-2007); items regarding the 1984 AAHN conference; programs; announcements; newsletters; press kits; fliers; published writings; and other items.

Photographs include images of Sydney D. Krampitz, Wanda Hiestand, Shirley Fondiller, and Eleanor Crowder; photos from the 1982 ANA convention; winners of the Teresa E. Christy Award (1990); various conferences (1993-2013); a board meeting (1999); various AAHN functions and events; and other items.

Memorabilia includes: a copy of the constitution of the Royal College of Nursing, UK (1983); visitor's register from the 1980 ANA convention and 1981 International Council of Nurses meeting; a presentation aid; a thirtieth anniversary commemorative plaque; a proclamation by the Atlanta City Council in honor of Nursing History (plaque, 2005); and other items.

Other material includes: a videocassette recording of the AAHN reception at Boston College in 1999; "Luther Christman, Professional Reformer," dissertation by Steven E. Merrill (1998); "cadet nurse pledge" scrolls; and audio cassette recordings of various talks and speeches.
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