University of Wisconsin School of Nursing / Signe S. Cooper (1921-2013)
The University of Wisconsin School of Nursing / Signe S. Cooper collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photograph, audio recordings, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection includes: "A Report on the Public Health Nurses' Institute," by Alice Haupt, R.N., written for the National Organization of Public Health Nurses (1933); "Public Health Nursing in the Social Security Program," by Julia Greecop, read before the Institute for Public Health Nurses, Madison, Wisconsin (1936); "The Relation of Public Health Nursing to Problems of the Neonatal Period," by Jane D. Nicholson (1938); "Teaching Objectives in Communicable Diseases," by Ruth Kahl (1938); "Planning Diets with Low-Income Families," by Marjorie Hesetine; "Surgery Class for Student Nurses, Wisconsin State School of Nursing, Wales, Wisconsin," by Thelma Burkee, R.N., Instructor (1943); "The Public Health Nurse in the Present Emergency," by Ruth Freeman, R.N. (1944); and "Meeting Present Public Health Needs," by Pearl McIver, R.N., United States Public Health Service (1944).  Manuscript material related to a conference given by the Public Health Institute includes: "Tuberculosis Control," by Dr. E.B. Pfefferkorn (1936); "Suggestions on Making Public Health Nursing Activities Fit in the School Program," by Alice Evans (1936); "How to Make a Community Youth Survey," by M.M. Chambers and Howard M. Bell, American Council on Education, Washington, D.C. (1939/1950); "How to Conduct a Survey," a talk given before the Industrial Nurse Section of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Safety Council, by Bryan Wilkerson, Research Psychologist, Prudential Insurance Co. (1951); and "Isolation Technics and Nursing Care in Communicable Diseases in the General Hospital," prepared by the Divisions of Communicable Disease Control Hospital Services, Public Health Nursing of the Texas State Department of Health (1955). Other manuscripts in the collection include: an article submitted for publication on nurses Signe Cooper and Barbara Nichols; "Competencies Expected of the Teacher in Continuing Nursing Education," delivered at the National Conference on Continuing Education in Nursing, Madison, Wisconsin, by Signe Cooper (1971); In-service and Continuing Education in Extending the Role of the Nurse, delivered by Signe Cooper (1972); "Mandatory Continuing Education," delivered to the American Society for Hospital Education and Training, by Signe Cooper (1975); "Self-Directed Learning," delivered at the International Council of Nurses, Tokyo, Japan, by Signe Cooper (1977); "Overview of Self-Directed Learning," delivered at the ANA Biennial Convention, Honolulu, Hawaii, by Signe Cooper (1978); and "Trends and Issues in Continuing Education," delivered at the Wisconsin Statewide Study on Nursing and Nursing Education, by Signe Cooper (1978).

There is only one piece of correspondence in the collection: a letter written to Nancy Noel, the Nursing Archivist at the Howard Gotlieb archival Research Center, from Signe S. Cooper, prior to the collection's arrival at the Center (1981).

Photographs in the collection include: a photo taken at a Nursing Administration Conference, with Margaret Grainger, University of Minnesota; David Reynolds, Administrator, Madison General Hospital; and Camilla Schloemer, University of Wisconsin Extension (1957); Signe Cooper with Josephine DeNello, Vice-Director of Nursing, School of Nursing, Manaus, Brazil, at the University of Wisconsin Extension (1957); Signe Cooper (1960, 1971); several photographs taken at the Nurse Refresher Course, with Barbara Gessner, Instructor, demonstrating various techniques (1964); Helen McClune, Instructor, demonstrating the Hoyer Lift (ca. 1964); "Conference for In-service Educators": Signe Cooper, Dorothy Hutchison, Adele G. Stahl, and others (1964); Signe Cooper receiving the NLN Linda Richards Award from Helen Miller (1967); Extension Nursing Booth at International Council of nurses Congress, Montreal, Canada (1969); Patient Teaching, Shirley Adams; R.N. Listeners at a University of Wisconsin Extension, Wisconsin Inactive Nurse Studies via the Statewide Educational Telephone Network (1970); Signe Cooper at a Convention (1972); Signe Cooper and Dorothy Blushe (1974); "Occupational Health Nursing Conference, Milwaukee," with Catherine Chambers, Occupational Nursing Consultant (late 1970s); and Signe Cooper and Barbara Nichols (1981). 

Audio recordings in the collection consists of 16 open reel tapes from the University of Wisconsin Extension Continuing Education in Nursing Program (1967-1974). They include: "The Quality of Caring Enough in Nursing: What is Your Responsibility to Patients?" by Virginia Barkley (1967); "Manpower Shortages in the Health Field: Questions and Answers for Lambertson," a panel discussion with Signe Cooper, David Spencer, and Male Johnson (1967); "WNA Convention," with presenters Lucille Notter, Margaret Bahr, Beatrice Palen, Louise Smith, Janet Nusinoff, and Florence May (1967); "Nursing Care Today and Tomorrow: Questions and Answers for Frances Reiter"; "A Presentation at University of Wisconsin School of Nursing," by Eleanor Lambertson (1967); "The Risk Profile: A Challenge to Nursing Action," by Edith Olson (1967); "ETN-SCA Nursing Seminar," by Jerry Weston (1969); Jerome Lysaught speech (1970); "Cancer Care and Caring: the Non-Hospitalized Patient with Cancer," by Virginia Barkley (1970); "Better Ways to Measure Quantity and Quality: Questions and Answers," by Dorothy Smith; "Nursing Cancer Care and Caring: Supportive Nurse-Patient Interactions in Cancer Nursing," by Virginia Barkley; "Questions and Answers," by Gertrude Ujhely (1972); and "The Marjorie Paquin Memorial Convocation Nursing Lecture," by Pearl Dunkley (1974).

Printed material in the collection consists of newspaper clippings and articles, pamphlets and printed booklets, journals, press releases, and election flyers. There are news clippings from Capital Times (1955, 1958, 1972); The Milwaukee Journal (1957); The Wisconsin State Journal (1957); Washington State Journal (1971); and The American Nurse (1976). Pamphlets and printed booklets include "Ten Years of State-Wide Service in Nursing," "A Report of Activities of Department of Nursing," "University of Washington Extension," 1955-1965 (1965); "Continuing Education in Nursing," published by the University of Wisconsin Extension; "National Conference on Continuing Education: Critical Issues in Continuing Education in Nursing," published by University of Wisconsin, Madison (1971); "Famous Wisconsin Women," vol. 6, published by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (1972, 1976); "Nursing in Transition – Breaking Barriers of Tradition," published by the University of Wisconsin as part of its 1924-1974 50th Anniversary Celebration, with Virginia Arnold as speaker (1974); Fiftieth Anniversary Symposium Program (1974); Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing 1924-1974, with a photograph of Signe Cooper and a brief history of the program (1974); ANA Convention Booklet (1976); "The Wisconsin Statewide Study of Nursing and Nursing Education, Final Report (1979); and "Continuing Education in Nursing: A Professional Imperative," presented by Barbara L. Nichols, M.S., R.N., President of the American Nurses association, at the 16th International Conference for In-Service and Staff Development Education, published by the University of Wisconsin Extension (1981). Journals in the collection include Bulletin, published by the Wisconsin Nurses Association (1967); Journal of Continuing Education (1971); Highlights in Nursing, vol. 9, no. 2, edited by Signe Cooper, published by the Department of Nursing, University of Wisconsin Extension (1972); and "The Evolution of U.M. – Madison’s Student Nurse Uniform: Gone are the Stiff, Starched Brown and White Uniforms," published in the Wisconsin Medical Alumni Quarterly, vol. 13, nos. 3, 4, 5 (1974). There is also a press release announcing Signe Cooper’s retirement from University of Wisconsin’s Madison Center for Health Sciences (1983) and a number of undated printed flyers promoting candidates for election to ANA Office.
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