Chayer, Mary Ella
The Mary Ella Chayer collection consists of manuscripts and printed material. 

Manuscript drafts of articles and speeches by Chayer include "Participation of School Health Personnel in the School Health Program" (1949); "Shall We Teach Them All to Fly?" (1949); and "The Relation of the Nurse to the School Administrator."

Printed articles by Mary Ella Chayer include "The Visiting Nurse at Work, a Review," published in Public Health Nurse (1930); "Challenges to the School Nurse," published in Public Health Nursing (1932); "Is School Nursing a Fad and Frill," published in Public Health Nursing (1932); "The Nurse and the Social Health Program," published in The Journal of Health and Physical Education (1935); "Trends in Interpretation of Child Behavior," published in The Los Angeles School Journal (1948); "Shall We Teach Them All to Fly?" reprinted from Public Health Nursing, issued as a booklet (1949); "Suggested Studies in Family and School Health Problems," published in The Nursing Education Bulletin, New Series, Bulletin IV, by the Bureau of Publications for the Division of Nursing Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York (1941); "The Nurse in the School, An Interpretation: a Report of the Joint Committee on Health Problems in the Education of the National Education Association and the American Medical Association, with the Cooperation of the Education Committee of the School Nursing Section of the National  Organization for Public Health Nursing" (1941); and "The First Fifty Years of Expectations Realized," The Quarterly Record of Massachusetts General Hospital-Nurses Alumnae Association, Inc., Vol. 50, No. 4 (1960-1961).  Printed articles written in collaboration with Chayer include "The School Administrator Considers the Nursing Service," by Dr. George D. Strayer in collaboration with Chayer, Public Health Nursing (1933); "Trends in the Field of School Nursing and Their Educational Significance," by Elmira Bears Wickenden in collaboration with Chayer, Public Health Nursing (1933); and "Supervision of School Nurses," by Chayer et al, Public Health Nursing (1946).  Printed articles by others include: "Cooperation as a Factor in the Work of the School Nurse," by Genevieve Conway et al, Public Health Nurse Quarterly (1916); "The Nurse and the School Child," by Sally Lucas Jean, Public Health Nurse (1923); "A Presentation of Problems That Concern the School Nurse," by Elmira W. Bears, Public Health Nurse (1924); "A Bibliography for School Nurses," by Beatrice Short, Public Health Nursing (1929); "New Ways for Old in Rural School Health," by Reba F. Harris, Public Health Nursing (1937); "Essential School Nursing in Wartime," by Lula P. Dilworth, Public Health Nursing (1944); and "Measuring Nursing Resources," issued by the Federal Security Agency Public Health service, Divisions of Medical and Hospital and Nursing Resources (1949). 
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