Scott, Jessie M. (1915-2009)
The Jessie M. Scott collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and a photograph.

Manuscripts in the collection include drafts of speeches and notes for speeches (1957-1976), delivered to various nurses associations, hospital councils, universities, seminars, and annual meetings across the country, including a Commencement Address at Boston University School of Nursing (1975). There are also drafts of speeches delivered at international venues, including the King's Fund Seminar, London (1974) and the American Nurses Association Trans-Pacific Nursing Conference, Sydney, Australia (1974).

Printed material includes articles about Scott published in the American Journal of Nursing (1962, 1967, 1972); and an article appearing in Spectrum, published by Boston University, "SON program recognizes International Women's Year" (1975). There is other printed material related to International Women's Year at Boston University, during which time Scott received an Honorary Doctor of Science degree. There is one published article by Scott, "The Changing Health Care Environment: Its Implications for Nursing," published in American Journal of Public Health (1974).

There is correspondence in the collection to Scott from Margaret Arnstein, LeRoy Bates, and Mildred C. Boeke (1960).  Also present are items related to Scott's consultation to the Ministry of Health, Government of India (1960), including a portion of the letter requesting her consultation (1959), with biographical data on Scott, background and experience; and as well as a report from the Indian Nursing Counsel collected from training schools for nurses concerning the status of their facilities (1957).

The photograph is a black and white portrait of Scott.
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1. Scott, Jessie M., 1915-2001
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