Boston City Hospital School of Nursing
The Boston City Hospital School of Nursing collection consists of professional material, correspondence, yearbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, printed material, research material, and other material.

Professional material in the collection includes: extensive student records; minutes of alumnae meetings (1896-1923); lists of nurses (students, graduates, applicants) for patient care; prospective list of graduates and applicants for BCH Training School for Nurses (1898-1911); census of nurses and nursing staff (1900-1941); monthly report of nurses (1924); number of beds (1864-1918, not inclusive); diplomas or certificates of graduate nurses; material regarding the BCH Nurses Alumnae Association (organized April 28, 1896); studies of the School of Nursing (1931-1962); laws governing or regulating nursing (1919 and 1927); by-laws of the Massachusetts Nurses Association (1905-196, not inclusive); other statistics (1923); material regarding anniversaries or major events; material about the library; student government material (1972-1973); BCH student handbooks and projects (1940, 1952, 1959, 1964, 1967); faculty manuals (1963, 1972); an individual employment contract with BCHSON; "Fundamentals of Nursing" course outline (1965); "Experience Record Book for Student Nurses" (1956); "Procedure Book" (June 1971); Boston City Hospital School of Nursing Alumni, Inc. constitution and by-laws, revised Sept. 1999;
and other items.

Correspondence in the collection mostly dates from 1903 to 1901.  Most of this correspondence is outgoing from the Superintendent of Nurses Office to the Supt. of the Hospital, dealing with school and hospital activities, salary changes, infractions of rules, and housekeeping problems.  Also present is a letterbook (1908-1926) with copies of correspondence by the Superintendent of Nurses, including: some letters from Lucy L. Drown and Mary Alice McMahon relating to the student nurses, professional nursing associations, care of patients, additional personnel and materials needed in budget, and letters to other nursing administrators.  In addition, the collection includes several letters about the discharge of two patients months afterward and their need for aftercare; letters regarding School of Nursing Alumnae Association members; letters about the budget crisis and the closing of the School of Nursing (1972-1978), and other letters.

Yearbooks in the collection include volumes from the BCHSON (1873-1951, 1953, 1957-1965, 1967-1974); The "Syndrome" from the BCH School of Practical Nursing (1969), and The "Anamnesis" from the Indianapolis City Hospital (1926).

Scrapbooks in the collection include one volume regarding the Indianapolis City Hospital; and three regarding the Boston City Hospital (1891, 1878-1928, and the 1950s) consisting of newspaper clippings.  Also present is a volume regarding the BCH School of Nursing, class of 1953.

Photographs in the collection include: views of Boston City Hospital in the 1880s-1900s and from the air about 60 years later; various individuals; interior and exteriors of Boston City Hospital, including several of the maternity wards; various nursing students; and other images.

Printed material includes BCH School of Nursing Alumnae Association publications (1922-1941) and school announcements/catalogs (1918-1970); BCH brochures and other publications; newspaper clippings about BCH (1920s-1980s), including a series of eleven articles about BCH by Frances Burns in the Boston Globe (1958); and newspaper clippings about Richard Cardinal Cushing, who at one point served as chairman of the BCH Board of Trustees.  Also included are: a map of BCH; a "visitor's guide" in various languages; BCH School of Nursing student newspapers (1960s-1970s); the first issue of the MSNA Bulletin (Jan. 1910); material regarding Frances W. Harris and African-American graduates; a program regarding the Massachusetts League of Nursing Education Institute for Nurses (1925); and Red Cross brochures (1940).

Research material includes material regarding BCH School of Nursing graduates who served in World War II.

The collection also includes material regarding the 1942 Coconut Grove fire in Boston that killed several people and led to stricter fire codes in the U.S.; these include: a casualty list; patient-nurse assignments; a New York Herald Tribune story with photographs; and a 1992 Boston Globe article.  Also present are lecture notes taken by Florence Cecelia Dodge at Boston City Hospital (1897-1899); a nurse's uniform that belonged to Virginia E. Purcell; a nursing cap from BCH School of Nursing; and buttons for School of Nursing student uniforms.
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