Christman, Luther (1915-2011)
The Luther Christman collection conisists of manuscripts, printed material, photographs, memorabilia, audio/visual recordings, and professional material.

Manuscripts include: a draft of "Developing the Democratic Family," a speech delivered by Christman at the dedication of a school gymnasium in New Jersey (1952); "In-Service Training Programs for Ward Aides," a Round Table Discussion, Philadelphia (1952); "Citizen's Committee on Human Relations: A Report to the School Board of Lansing, Michigan," with an attached note by Christman of his presentation on behalf of the Committee (1958); "Effective Utilization of Personnel," an article (1962); "Nursing in Transition," an article (1962); "Identification of Skills Necessary to Function in Community Mental Health Services-Rehabilitation," an article (1964); "The Selective Perceptions Resulting from Training for a Vertical Division of Labor and the Effect on Organization Cohesion," Christman's doctoral thesis (1965); "Effect of Knowledge and Technology on Nursing Practice" (1965); "The Clinical Nursing Specialist: Her Contributions to Nursing Service and Patient Care," an article (1966); "Commitment, Awareness, Responsibility, Education," an article (1967); "Influence of the Hospital Communication System on the Effective Utilization of Nursing Personnel," an article (1967); "Luther Christman: His Professional Life and His Contributions to the Development of the Nursing Profession," by Mary Greene (1971); "Role Socialization of Nurses: Historical and Future Perspectives," a speech delivered at a meeting of the Nursing Archives Associates, Mugar Memorial Library, Boston University (1968); "Baccalaureate Nursing Programs and Health Care: A Team Effort" (1972); "Programming Versus Thinking as Nursing Education," delivered at a Sigma Theta Tau Symposium (1973); "Luther Christman: 40 Years of Nursing Leadership," a term paper by Michael R. Parker for ND-413 (ca. 1979); "High Quality Nursing Practice: Is it Cost Effective?" a speech delivered before the Alpha Rho Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau, Morgantown, West Virginia (1977); Christman's draft proposal for Hospital Without Walls, sent to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (1977-1978); "On The Scene: Uniting Science and Education at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center" (1979); "Transition of New Graduates: Nursing Services and Education Collaborate," a speech delivered to the Ohio Nurses Association (1979);  "B.S.N., The Entry Level for a Practice," an article for Nursing Career Forum (1980); "Health Care in the Year 2000," a speech delivered at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD (1980); "Evolution of Professionalism in Nursing: Directions for the 80's and 90's," a speech delivered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (1980); "The Role of the Baccalaureate Nurse as a Leader in Education, Practice, and Research," a speech delivered at Coppin State College, Baltimore (1980); "The Growing Edge of the Health Care Professions," a commencement address delivered at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA (1980); "Economic Justification and Financial Support of Clinical Nursing Research in the Acute Care System," a speech delivered at the Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center, New York City (1980); "Nurse-Physician Collaboration at the Patient Level," delivered at the First Annual Nursing Symposium, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA (1981); "Christman's drafts of Chapter I and the Introduction to Health Care Services in the Home" (1981); "Decentralization and Nurse Retention," by Diane Baerhyte, Michael Conte, and Christman (1981); "Who Cares?" a speech delivered at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Third Annual Nursing Lecture, London, England (1982); "Barriers to Job Satisfaction," Army Nurse Corps Psychiatric Nursing Course, Fort Sam Houston, TX (1982); "The Life and Times of Luther Christman," by Thomas A. Wilson (ca. 1982); "Powerless Underclass or Vigorous Professional Development?" a speech delivered at Sigma Theta Tau, Boston College School of Nursing (1983); "An Overview of Faculty Competence: Clinical, Research, and Teaching," a speech delivered at the Fifth Annual Conference on Higher Education, SUNY Albany (1983); transcripts of interview tapes between Dr. Shirley Fondiller and Luther Christman (1983-1985); "The Past is Not a Prologue to the Future," a speech delivered at a meeting of the League of Intravenous Therapy Education, Pittsburgh, PA (1984); "The Rush Model for Nursing: A Scientific Approach to Improved Patient Care," a speech delivered in Tokyo, Japan (1984); "Nursing Management in the 80's: Challenge, Change, and Opportunity," keynote address at the New England Hospital Assembly Third Annual Nurse Executive Institute (1985); "An International Dilemma: Can Nurses Run Fast Enough?" a speech delivered at the Keeshin Biomed Planning Center, Eagle River, WI (1985); "Psychiatric Nurses and the Practice of Psychotherapy: Current Status and Future Possibilities," a speech delivered at the Emil A. Guthiel Memorial Conference (1986); transcript of an interview with Christman, by Steven Merrill (1991); proposed table of contents and contributing authors for The Clinical Nurse Specialist in Theory and Practice, which was co-edited by Luther Christman; paper by Christman about the lack of mutual understanding between hospital administrators and registered nurses; a draft of International Nursing: a Comparison; and "A Black Perspective: Afro-American Men in Nursing," by Milton C. Lewis.
Correspondence in the collection includes professional correspondence related to: the Yankton State Hospital, Yankton, SD (1953-1956); the Department of Mental Health, Lansing, MI (1956-1963); Christman's election as President of the Michigan State Nurses Association (1961); University of Michigan School of Nursing, Ann Arbor (1963-1967); Christman's participation as a speaker at a variety of events (1950s-1970s); Christman's article "Nurse-Physician Communication in the Hospital" (1965); Christman's grant application to the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare for Recruitment of Men Into Nursing (1967-1968); Christman’s appointment as Dean to Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, Office of Nursing Services (1970-1972); Mary Reynolds, R.N., commending the performance of Christman's son, Gary, a student at the University of Michigan School of Nursing (1968);  consultant Jerome Lysaught (1973-1985); Christman's proposal for Hospital Without Walls to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (1974-1977); the Michigan Male Nurse Association and past difficulties with the organization (1975); the editors of American Journal of Nursing (1976); Thelma M. Schorr, American Journal of Nursing (1976-1988); the care of patients at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center (1978-1982); doctoral programs in Nursing offered at Rush University (1979-1988); the National Academies of Practice, co-founded by Luther Christman (1983, 1990); Stuart A. Wesbury, Hospital and Health Services Administration (1985); Shirley Fondiller (1985-1987); Christman as a speaker/consultant (1988-1993); Sigma Theta Tau (1989-1992); Kazuo Kodera, Japan (1989-1992); Edward J. Norton, referencing Virginia Henderson: The First Fifty Years, by James P. Smith (1990); John Norris, author of a piece on Christman that appeared in Nursing and Research News in 1991 (1991-1992); visitors to Rush-Presbyterian arranged by country (1977-1988); and the World Health Organization (1979-1986).

Printed material includes: articles by Christman appearing in a variety of professional journals (1959-1980); invitation to the unveiling of a portrait of Christman, by Walter Parke (1978); program from the portrait unveiling (1978); Ethical Dilemmas and Nursing Practice, a book review by Christman and Leah L. Curtin, Nursing Forum (1978); proceedings from the dedication of the John L. and Helen Kellogg National Center for Excellence in Nursing, Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chicago, IL (1979); issues of News Rounds, Rush-Presbyterian Hospital (1990-1992); issues of Nursing Notes (1972-1985); issues of Interaction (1982-1994); and issues of Inter Action, Newsletter of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing (1997).  Other printed material in the collection includes: "Call this Doctor a Nurse," Chicago Tribune (1978); "Male Takes Lead in Nursing World," Dallas Times (1979); "Summit Hill, Pennsylvania, Centennial Historical Dates and Facts, 1889-1989" (1989); "A Male Nurse: Who is Luther Christman?" by John Norris, Nursing and Research News (1991); Michigan State University Department of Sociology Newsletter, "Profile of Distinguished Alumni, Dr. Christman" (1998); and "A Distinguished Career, Dr. Christman, National Teaching Institute" (2002). There are also a number of programs from various colloqui, symposia, Sigma Theta Tau events, Christman presentations, and conferences (1962-1983).

Photographs include: Christman's baby album (1915); Christman's confirmation class photo (1928); a photograph of Battery A, 6th Field Artillery, Fort Hoyle, North Dakota, with the men, including Christman, identified on the verso (1934); a photo album covering the Michigan State Nurses Association (Christman served as president) and the National Academy of Health Service Education (mid-1950s); Luther Christman and US President Gerald R. Ford (ca. 1975); an autographed portrait photograph of President and Mrs. Gerald R. Ford; Luther and Dorothy Christman; Luther Christman and James Campbell, M.D., President of Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center; Christman with various individuals, including E.L. Brown, Virginia Henderson, Lucile Petry Leone, Hildegard Peplau, a group of Swedish visitors; a group photograph taken of the ANA Meeting, Convention Hall, Atlantic City, NJ (1964); a photo album covering a number of international lectures given by Christman, including Sweden and Taiwan (1986); a photo album covering an international visit by Christman, Dr. Barbara Brown, and others to Saudi Arabia (1988); Dr. Sally Archer, Christman's successor as Dean at Vanderbilt University; a photo of Christman and an unidentified male nurse at the American Assembly for Men in Nursing Convention, New Orleans (1997); and other items.
Memorabilia includes: an early diary (1931); Christman's high school yearbook, The Mattesian (1939); The Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing for Men Yearbook (1939); a scrapbook (1956-1963); and various ID cards, and badges from conferences and meetings.  Also present are Christman's military training certificates (1931-1933); Luther and Dorothy Christman's wedding certificate (1939); Dorothy Christman Service Award Citation of Merit, from Sparrow Hospital, Lansing, Michigan (1962); certificate awarded to Christman for five years of service to Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center (1977); ANA Certificate of Appreciation (1980); and a certificate from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, electing Christman a Fellow of the Association. Other awards presented to Christman include an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Thomas Jefferson University (1980); the Sigma Theta Tau Copeland Award (1981); the Golden Lamp Award (1985); the Jessie M. Scott Award (1988); the Sigma Theta Tau International May Tolle Wright Leadership Award (1991); and a certificate of appreciation from the American Assembly for Men in Nursing (1997).

Video and audio material in the collection include: an audio reel recording of an interview with Christman (1964); a video tape of "Nursing Today and Tomorrow: Changing Patterns in Nursing Service"; a video tape on the National Student Nurses Association (1985); a video tape titled "Nursing Excellence: the Rush Model"; "Esther Lucille Brown and Luther Christman: A Video Dialogue, Parts I and II"; "Nursing Excellence," about the Rush Model of Nursing, sponsored by the Council on Health Manpower (it took 2nd Place in the AMA Video and Film Festival)(1987); "At Issue, The Nursing Shortage: Coping With the Future," VHS video cassette for the VHS Hospital Satellite Network (1988); "A Conversation with Luther: the Opinions and Predictions of Dr. Luther Christman," by Carol T. Avery; and "The Future of Nursing, Creating a Vision: An Interview with Luther Christman," PhD., R.N. , produced by the Gamma Phi Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau (2000). Audio cassettes include: "The Second National Congress on Health Manpower," sponsored by the Council on Health Manpower of the AMA; "Meeting Highlights of the Symposium on Health Manpower" (1972); "Barbara Grimes and Becky Sisson," International Biological Concepts Workshop, Vanderbilt University (1973); "Frontiers of Nursing," OB/GYN Grand Rounds (1974); "National Joint Practice Commission Convention: Nursing Autonomy I and Nursing Autonomy II" (1976); "Nursing Administration: Action on the Nursing Team," American Hospital Association Convention, Atlanta, GA (1977); "Assessment and Nursing Diagnosis: Essentials for the Expanding Practice of Nursing," by Christman for the National Nursing Network (1981); and "The Future of Nursing: Shaping Tomorrow's Realities," New Orleans (1983).    

Professional material in the collection include organizational charts, memoranda, statistical reports, research notes, summary progress reports, master plans, teaching assignments, questionnaires, and other items, all dating from 1964 to 1997.
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