United States Public Health Service, Division of Nursing

The United States Public Health Service, Division of Nursing collection contains professional materials, printed materials, manuscripts, legal materials, correspondence, memorabilia, and photographs.

Professional materials include minutes and reports. Minutes include items from 1943 to 1964.

Reports include those by the American Nurses Association (1950-1958); the Children’s Bureau (1958); the Council of Federal Nursing Services (1945-1961); the Federal Civil Defense Administration; the National League for Nursing (1955-1961); the Veteran’s Administration (1958); and the World Health Organization (1956-1966); among others. Other reports include surveys from Alabama, Arkansas, District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, among others; and nursing activities studies, among other items.

Printed materials include publications, government documents, posters, and other items. Publications include items pertaining to nursing practices, nursing research, and medical resources by the US Public Health Service and the National Institute of Health. Other publications include items by the American Nurses Association; National League for Nursing; and National League for Nursing Education, among others.

Government documents include Senate Bills (1964-1975); House Bills (1964-1975); reports; and Congressional Records (1964-1975), among other items pertaining to the Nurse Training Act.

Posters include a black and white poster of the United States Nurse stamp from 1961.

Other printed materials include Public Affairs Pamphlet (1941); “Opportunities in Nursing” (1952) by Vocational Guidance Manuals; “Statewide Planning for Nursing Education” (1967) by Southern Regional Educational Board; and Hospice by the US Department of Health and Human Services, among other items.

Manuscripts include Jessie Scott’s speech from the 10th annual meeting of the Division of Nursing and the “Grey Folder,” which contains Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice by Jessie Scott; Nursing Education and Practice by Jessie Scott; and Quovadis Graduate Community Health Nursing Education by Jessie Scott; Hospice Education Program by Edith Whitley; and The National Overview of the Evolving Health Care System by Division of Nursing.

Correspondence includes letters from 1952 to 1966 pertaining to Nursing Activities Studies; letters from 1952 to 1954 pertaining to actual or proposed consultation and research by the City of Denver, Harper Hospital, and Presbyterian Hospital in the City of New York, among others; and files titled “Consultants Group on Nursing, nursing education,” among other items.

Memorabilia includes a proclamation from Governor Deval Patrick declaring United States Cadet Nurse Corps Day (2013) and a certificate from Senator Elizabeth Warren recognizing the 70th anniversary of the United States Cadet Nurse Corps of World War II (2013).

Photographs include black and white photographs of the Bureau of Medical Services from the 1950s to the 1960s; the National Advisory Health Council (1959); and other photographs from the 1930s. Prominent among these is one negative of President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1964.

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