Errickson, Sara Maiter
The Sara Maiter Errickson collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, professional material, memorabilia, photographs, research material, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection include sheets from a notebook with patient names and dates (1925-1928); 1949 Handbook for the Committee on the Structure of National Nursing Organizations (1949); New Jersey State Nurses Association Historical Facts, 1963-1972, compiled and presented by Errickson (1972); and Public Health Course #127 – Tuberculosis Control, prepared under the auspices of Seton Hall University and including a study done for the National Health Administration. 

Correspondence in the collection includes mostly professional letters to Errickson from Dr. Daniel Bergsma (1936); Evelyn T. Walker (1944); Pearl McIver (1945); H.S. Mustard (1946); Walter Kahoe (1951); Marion R. Stanford (1951); Ralph A. Duggan, Special Assistant to the President (1963); Margaret C. Haley (1965); Phyllis L. Gray (1970); August H. Groeschel (1972); Dorothy May (1972); Joan Murho (1972); Richard I. Nevin (1972); Anne Patterson (1972); Sister Agnes M. Reinkemeyer (1972); Diane W. Scott (1972); Patricia A. Evans (1972); Barbara A. Fox (1972); Ellen M. Fowler (1972); Florence R. Brown (1972); Rose M. Channing (1972); Lesley Dean (1972); Sister Marie Delores (1975); Gayle A. Pearson (1976); Rosalinda M. Toth (1976); Dr. Faye G. Abdellah (1983); M. Elizabeth McComsey; and Dr. Frank J. Altschul. Correspondence from Errickson includes a carbon of her resignation letter sent to the Bureau of Public Health Nursing (1951); Bernice L. Chapman (1965); John A. Gambling (1967); New Jersey State Nurses Association, concerning the NJSNA Convention (1967); New Jersey State Association, Presidents and Executive Directors (1971); Catherine E. Dunning (1972); Phyllis L. Gray (1972); Dr. August H. Groeschel (1972); Anne Patterson (1972); Gayle A. Pearson and members of the Board (1975; 1976); Mary Ann Garrigan (1980); Governor of New Jersey, Thomas Kean (1982); and Dr. Shirley Mayer, Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Health (1982). There are also letters from Errickson to Jacqueline Kennedy; Robert F. Kennedy; and Eunice Shriver; along with letters to Erickson from Robert F. Kennedy; Eunice K. Shriver; and Jacqueline Kennedy spokeswoman, Nancy Truckerman.

Professional material includes Errickson's transcripts from the University of Pennsylvania (1937-1942); transcripts from Monmouth Memorial Hospital (1941); her Student Final Record from Monmouth Memorial Hospital (1944); transcripts from Seton Hall College. There are also applications filed by Erickson for her Secondary School Credits, from the State of New Jersey (1945); and her application for Federal Employment (1945).

Memorabilia in the collection includes handbills from the play, Mr. Babbs (1925); a poem, "Sara," by Viola A. Rudloff; a Clara Louise Maass Stamp Ceremony program; canceled stamp envelopes with the Clara Louise Maass stamp; canceled stamp envelope with a stamp honoring the nursing profession; program from a meeting of the New Jersey State Nurses Association (1955); a resolution on John F. Kennedy issued by the New Jersey State Nurses association (1964); New Jersey State Nurses Association ribbon badges (1971); and a color photograph of a painted portrait of Errickson. Academic and award certificates in the collection include a Nurses Academic Certificate issued by the State of New Jersey (1922); a certificate from the Division of Civil Defense; a certificate from the American Academy of Medical Administrators (1960); Certificate of Recognition from Monmouth Medical Center (1962); Certificate of Appreciation from Monmouth Medical College (1962); and a Resolution of Appreciation to Dr. Faye Abdellah from the New Jersey State Nurses Association (1983). Awards in the collection include two plaques awarded to Errickson by the New Jersey State Nurses Association in recognition of her service (1938, 1971); a plaque awarded to Erickson by the Monmouth Medical Center Nurses Alumni Association (1971); and a framed resolution presented by the New Jersey State Nurses Association on behalf of Sara Maiter Erickson (1972).  

Photographs in the collection include early photos of Errickson: her class picture; photographs documenting the play Mr. Babbs (1925); a photograph of Errickson's Director of Nursing, Mary Martha Scott; a number of photographs related to professional groups Errickson was associated with; a photograph of Annie W. Goodrich (1949); and a portrait of Errickson (1970).

Resesarch material consists of subject files with the following headings: Survey of Nursing Needs, Resources, and Supply in New Jersey, prepared by the Federal Security Agency, Public Health Service, Division of Nursing (1950); The Current Inadequacy of Nursing Service; reports from miscellaneous committees: Legislation; Nurses House, Inc.; Immigration and Naturalization;  Executive Directors’ Reports (1953-1971); New Jersey Board of Nursing Nominees (1955-1972); and Board of Directors’ Meeting (1971).

Printed material in the collection includes a yearbook from the Monmouth Memorial Hospital Training School for Nurses, Class of 1925; The New Jersey Nurse, published by the New Jersey State Nurses Association (1953-1970); New Jersey Nurse: 60th Anniversary Special Issue, October 6, 1902 - October 6, 1962, edited by Errickson (1962); New Jersey State Nurses Association Newsletter (1968-1974); Perspectives, published by the New Jersey State Nurses Association (1977); and New Jersey Nurse, with a photograph of Errickson and Suzanne Smeltzer (1981). 
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