Ford, Myrtle
The Myrtle Ford collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, audio, and professional material.

Manuscripts in the collection include: A Study of the Nurse-Patient Relationship as it Influences Health Teaching, by Ford, a requirement for her Master's Degree, Western Reserve School of Nursing (1941); material generated for a seminar attended by the nursing faculty at the University of Chicago on Nursing Service Administration (1951); notes on the Public Health Nursing Department, part of the General Nursing Program, examining its approach to the subject (1951) and the subject of Field Experience (1951-1965); Report of Sabbatical Leave, by Ford, submitted to Dr. Wendell Yeo, Vice President of Academic Affairs (1957); Responsibilities and Evaluation of Faculty by Ford (1957); a report on the organization of the General Nursing Department in the future, by Marie Farrell and Myrtle Ford (1958); A Personal Philosophy of Nursing, by Ford, submitted to Nursing Outlook (1959); What Kinds of Nurses Are Needed for Society Today and Tomorrow?, by Ford, presented at the Boston University Eleventh Symposium (1963); and notes for an address concerning Baccalaureate Education for Nursing, presented to the Newton-Wellesley Alumnae Association (1967); Characteristics of a Quality Program of Nursing Education, by Ford (1974); A Bit of Humor: Minutes of a Faculty Meeting, Boston University School of Nursing, by Ford (1985).  Manuscript material by others includes: Evaluation of the Predictive Efficiency of the NLN Graduate Nurse Qualifying Examination Administered to Applicants to the Bachelor of Science Program for Graduate Nurses at the Boston University School of Nursing, by Charles N. Leaf (1958); Toward the Development of a Revised Admissions Policy in Collegiate Schools of Nursing for Graduates of Diploma Schools of Nursing: A Proposed Study, by Esther M. Mallard; and A Study of the Scores of Twenty-Five International Students on the NLN Graduate Nurse Qualifying Exam, by H. Thumm. Manuscript material related to the a Continuing Education Program in the School of Nursing includes, Some Thoughts About the Focus of the Continuing Education Program at Boston University School of Nursing; a proposed organizational chart of the Continuing Education Department (1969); memoranda with suggested responsibilities of the course director; of clinical and functional departments for Continued Education offerings, along with a proposal for developing the program (1969);  and a memorandum to all faculty from Myrtle M. Ford about planning for academic year 1970-1971 (1970).  

Correspondence includes correspondence to and from Ford, and general correspondence between her colleagues. Letters from Ford include exploratory letters related to a sabbatical leave with World Health Organization assignments in India and Ceylon (1953-1956); to her mother; to her sister, Ruth; to her brother, Ralph, her sister-in-law, Mary Helen; her niece; and family friend, Clara, about her sabbatical leave in India and W.H.O. assignments in Southeast Asia (1956); to Myrtle Aydelotte, State University of Iowa (1958); to Boston University School of Nursing Dean Marie Farrell (1961, 1962); to Rozella Schlotfeldt, Dean, School of Nursing, Western Reserve University (1962); exploratory correspondence about a possible position at the University of Hawaii (1962-1963); to Dean Anne Kibrick about joint appointments at Boston University School of Nursing and Massachusetts Memorial Hospital Medical Center (1964); to an unidentified party about advanced standing credits (1968); to Irene S. Palmer (1969); correspondence from Ford concerning her Sabbatical leave for Master’s study (1971-1972); to Dean Irene Palmer on possible goals for the School of Nursing (1974); to Hans H. Estin, Chairman, Boston University Board of Trustees, assessing the administration of John R. Silber (1976); and to an unidentified party about transfer applicants to the school (1976-1977). Letters to Ford include correspondence from Agnes Gelinas, Chairman, Skidmore College, Department of Nursing (1959);  from Boone Powell, Administrator, Baylor University (1960); from Catherine Tinkham with questions from an exploratory planning session concerning the School of Nursing and Massachusetts Memorial Hospital (1960); from Mary Anne Garrigan and Anne Kibrick to Dean Marie Farrell and the Faculty (1961); from Rozella Schlotfeldt, Dean, School of Nursing, Western Reserve University (1962); from Dean Anne Kibrick to Myrtle Ford concerning joint appointments (196 3); from Lewis H. Rohrbach concerning the Boston University Medical Center and its future (1963); from Inez Haynes, Director, National League for Nursing, requesting Ford consent to be a candidate for election to the Committee on Nominations, Department of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs (1963); from Myrtle Irene Brown, Research Consultant, American Nurses Foundation (1963); from Helen B. Easterday to all faculty about the Boston University Medical Center Assembly (1964); from Anne Kibrick, thanking Ford for reconsidering her retirement (1964); from Hildegarde Peplau, Chairman, Organizing Committee, Group for Advancement in Nursing (1965); from Marilyn Bryant to Myrtle Ford and others concerning a proposed program to prepare Geriatric Nurse Practitioners, a collaboration between Boston University School of Nursing and the Cambridge Department of Health and Hospitals (1970); from Joseph F. Meisels, Dean, School of Social Work (1971); and from Howard Thurman to Myrtle Ford (1974). Correspondence in the general category includes, Lucille Sommermeyer writing to Dean Sidney Gellis on five and twenty-five year projections for the School of Nursing (1963); Dean Anne Kibrick writes about a two-day meeting dealing with goals and objectives, together with recommendations from the NLN Collegiate Board of Review (1964); David Carson reports on organization of the Boston University School of Nursing (1965); Anna Kuba, Director, Undergraduate Division, Boston University School of Nursing to an unidentified party (1968); Robert P. Lawton to Irene S. Palmer (1970); Irene S. Palmer to Leona Baumgartner (1970); Marion G. Spencer to Margaret Murphy (1970); and Richard B. Pedigree, Jr. to Irene S. Palmer (1971), all concerning the Geriatric Nurse Practitioner collaboration.

Photographs in the collection include snapshots from Western Reserve University School of Nursing, Anne L. Austin, Annie W. Goodrich, Marion G. Howell, the Public Health Nursing faculty and the Nursing Education faculty (1941); group shots of Boston University School of Nursing faculty: Mrs. Bowditch, Mary Ann Garrigan, President Daniel Marsh, Elizabeth Hall, and Martha Sayles; Dean Davis, Annie W. Goodrich (from Yale), President Daniel Marsh, Dean Martha Ruth Smith, and Mr. Loring; Marjorie Gould, Martha Ruth Smith, President Daniel Marsh, Eleanor Page Bowen, and Myrtle Ford; and a studio portrait photograph of Lucille Sommermeyer (ca. 1940).

Memorabilia in the collection includes certificates of appreciation, presented to Ford: a certificate from the National Foundation for Cancer Research (1982); and a certificate from the National Nurses Day Health Fair, District 5, Massachusetts Nurses Association. 

Audio recordings include "H.S. Arnold, Commenting on Retirement, 1941-1945," a cassette tape; and "Team Nursing: Commenting on What Nursing Meant in the 1950's," also a cassette tape.

Printed material includes: The Definition of Nursing, by Annie W. Goodrich, read at the Biennial Convention of the National Nursing Organizations, Atlantic City (1946); The Role and Training of Auxiliary Personnel, published by the Regional Committee Southeast, Bandburg, Indonesia (1952); A Chronological Study of the Development of the European Conference on Health Education, published by the W.H.O. Regional Office for Europe;, London (1953); Perspective of India, An Atlantic Supplement (1953); What Should We Eat?, published by the Ministry of Health, Government of India (1955); Learning in a Social Field, published by the Expert Committee on Psychiatric Nursing, First Session, Geneva Switzerland (1955); The Functions of Nursing Personnel, published by the W.H.O. South East Regional Nursing Seminar, Delhi, India (1956); Nursing Journal of India , Vol. XLVII, No. 9 (1956); A Comparison of Soviet and American Nursing, by Mary Ann Dieterling, Tufts Medical Alumni Bulletin (1964); Nursing Alumni, Case Western Reserve University, Summer 1970; A Case for Baccalaureate Preparation in Nursing, published by the American Nurses Association (1979); A Code for Nurses with Interpretive Statements, published by the American Nurses Association (1980); Nursing: A Social Policy Statement, published by the American Nurses Association (1980); Boston University Today, with an article about the first graduation of the Nursing Overseas Program, attended by Ford (1989); and Education of Nursing Administrators in Greece, by Vassiliki A. Lanara, appeared as Chapter 11 in International Administration of Nursing Service, the Charles Press, Philadelphia (1989).

Professional material includes various administrative documents, not necessarily written by Ford, including: Boston University School of Nursing, Undergraduate Division Philosophy and Objectives (1952; 1962); Curriculum Planning (1955-1956);  Guidelines for General Nursing Program Faculty, Responsibilities of Faculty Members and Chairman (1962); Administrative Activities (1963); A Proposal for Curriculum Planning to Meet Individual Student’s Objectives (1964); A Statement of Educational Philosophy and Objectives (1965); A Philosophy of Nursing, of Education, and Expected Behaviors of Graduates (1966); Enrollment and Graduation Statistics and Trends; and Course Outlines and Related Materials (1951-1968; 1973-1974); material related to School of Nursing Graduate Programs include a proposed program in Maternal  and Child Health Nursing, leading to a Doctorate Degree (1966); proposed curriculum changes in Graduate Medical-Surgical Nursing (1968); a statement on expected behaviors of graduates in the program (1970; 1973); and Issues in Graduate Nurse Education, by Anne K. Kibrick. There are a number of Annual Reports from the Boston University School of Nursing, created by the Dean and the Dean’s Advisory Committee, which included Ford, they include, Annual Report, Boston University School of Nursing, with memorandum from Dean Marie Farrell and an added report from the Dean’s Advisory Committee (1957-1960); subsequent Annual Reports contain added reports from the Student Activities Committee; the Biological and Physical Science Department; Nutrition Department; Nursing Service Administration Department (1960-1961); Public Health Nursing Department (1962-1963); Undergraduate Division, General Nursing Team (1967-1973); Continuing Education Program (1970-1971). The collection also contains material related to various Boston University School of Nursing workshops; committee reports and minutes; and general agreements between the School of Nursing and its affiliated hospitals.
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