Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing
The Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing collection consists of professional material, correspondence, photographs, printed material, manuscripts, scrapbooks, and other material.

Professional material in the collection includes: lists of students entering the school (1873-1910); lists of students entering (1934) and graduating (1910, 1930, and 1940); material regarding the MGH, including the 150th anniversary of the hospital (1961); material regarding the School of Nursing and Nursing Service (ca. 1919-1920 and 1960); material regarding students, student life, and alumnae, including a yearbook (1938), programs, issues of the Nurses Alumnae Quarterly Record (1972-1980), "A Brief History of the Worcester County MGH Club 1942-1979," and other items; materials for "Course in Careers in Nursing," including material on the U.S. Air Force (1962), the Army Nurse Corps (1958-1962), the Navy Nurse Corps (1953-1962), the U.S. Veterans Administration (1959), the World Health Organization (1957-1961), "Nursing on Railroads" (1959), the U.S. Public Health Service (1956-1969) including a photo album (1960), "Indian Health" (1955-1962), the Red Cross, and nurse-midwifery (1956-1963); material on the supply and distribution of nurses (1957-1958); material regarding U.S. General Hospital No. 6 (ca. 1942), including correspondence, manuscripts, and a photograph; an MGH policy book (early 1920s); course materials;

Correspondence in the collection includes: letters regarding Angelique L. Pringle, a graduate of the Nightingale Training School (1960); and other correspondence (1920-1921).  Also present are letters from Florence Nightingale to Elisabeth Robinson Scovil (1897) and Charlotte MacLeod (1896), as well as a letter from Charlotte MacLeod to a Mrs. Stoneham (1936).

Photographs in the collection consist of images of the graduating classes of 1916 and 1920, and other photos (1930s).

Printed material in the collection includes: pamphlets, chiefly by US Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, U.S. Public Health Service (1955-1963); student yearbooks (1928, 1937, and 1939); "Free Patients in Carolina Hospitals," by Graham L. Davis; "The Desirability of Further Extension of Undergraduate Nursing Service," by Frank W. Patch, M.D., reprinted from Boston Medical and Surgical Journal (1904); "A Study of the Yearly Expenses of the Training School for Nurses at the MGH," by Patterson, Teele, and Dennis, Accountants and Auditors, Boston, reprinted from the Bulletin of the American Hospital Association (1932); "The Supply of Pupil Nurses and Nursing Standards," by Frederic A. Washburn and Louis H. Burlingham, reprinted from The International Hospital Record (1913); "The State Infirmary, Tewksbury, Massachusetts 1854-1920";  "Advancing People. Advancing Care. 2004-05 Annual Report," by MGH Institute of Health Professions; The Graduate newsletter, 2006; Caring Headlines magazine (2011); MGH Hotline newsletter (2012); a yearbook for the College of Nursing, Karachi, Pakistan (1961); and other items.

Manuscripts include "Study of the Coordinated Program of Radcliffe College and the Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing and of its Broader Implications," by Everett Cherington Hughes; "Comments on the Coordinated Program," by Ruth B. Sleeper; "Nursing in the Federal Republic of Germany," by the German Florence Nightingale Committee (1965); extracts from an address to the graduating class of New York Hospital, by Dr. Beverley Robinson (1885); and writings by Pauline L. Dolliver (1897-1914).

Scrapbooks in the collection include: a scrapbook regarding the June 1952 convention of the  American Nurses Association, National League of Nursing Education, and National Organization for Public Health Nursing, including photographs and newspaper clippings; a scrapbook regarding nursing in World War II (mainly 1941-1943), consisting of newspaper clippings; and a scrapbook regarding the College of Nursing in Karachi, Pakistan (1954-1966), including photographs, qualifications for entrance, names of advisors and faculty and students, prospectus and changes, postgraduate prospectus, curriculum plans, and student handbook.

Other items include the diploma of Barbara Williams (1920); and a nurse's hat.
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