Kelly, Lucie Young (1925- )
The Lucie Young Kelly collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, audio/visual material, memorabilia, and printed material.

Manuscripts in the collection includes a number of drafts of articles and speeches including: "Nursing and Professionalism," a speech to the Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania (1967); "What the Patient Needs: the Nurse's View" (1968); "Approach to Patient Care Administration: Exciting Possibilities of the Triad" (1968); "Today's Nurse: Reflections of a Mirror Image" (1968); "Nursing's Challenge," adapted from a speech to the New Jersey League for Nurses (1968); "Nursing's Greatest Challenge," a speech to the Pennsylvania Nurses Association House of Delegates (1968); "What's in Store for Nursing?" a speech to the Regional Conference of the New York State Nursing Association (1968); "Organizing for Better Patient Care," a speech to the Veterans Hospital, Buckley, West Virginia (1969); "The Depth and Breadth of Quality Nursing," a speech to the Long Island, New York, Nurses Association (1969); "What Today's Hospitals Expect of the New RN," a speech to the National League for Nurses Convention, Detroit (1969); "Guidelines for Discharge Planning: the Role of the Nurse Coordinator in the Community Hospital," a panel presentation, Montefiore Hospital, the Bronx (1969); "New Freedom for the Captive Nurse Through Education," a speech to the Missouri Nurses Association (1969); "The Expanded Role of the Nurse: a New Approach to the Delivery of Health Services," a speech to the American Pharmaceutical Advertising Club (1970); "Nursing Functions Must Be Raised to Include the Expanded Role of the Registered Nurse," a speech to the ANA Convention (1970); "What's at the End of the Road?" keynote address at a meeting of Sigma Theta Tau, Houston, Texas (1975); "Changing Practice Roles and Their Influence on Education, Practice, and Research," a speech at a meeting of Sigma Theta Tau (1976); "Community Health Involvement: How and Where?" a speech to the National League for Nursing, Miami (1978); "The Role of Nursing in Modern Health Care," a speech to the First Annual Montana Health Care Congress (1978); "Nursing Power: Recent Realities, Future Imperatives," a speech delivered at Vilanova University (1979); "TNA: Making Things Happen," keynote address at a meeting of the Tennessee Nurses Association (1979); "Social Imperatives for Nursing Practice," keynote address to the Pennsylvania Nurses Association (1979); "Nursing in the United States," a speech delivered at the Nursing Research Congress, Seoul, South Korea (1984); and "Women's Special Heritage: Creating an Enlarged Vision of Society," keynote address delivered at Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan (1990).  There are also a series of manuscripts by Kelly, including: "Flipping the Pages of Nursing History"; "Avoiding Malpractice Suits"; "Actualizing the Mentoring Concept"; "What If There Were No ANA?"; "A Special Touch"; and "Forward." There is a transcript draft of an oral history of Kelly, conducted by Dr. Shirley H. Fondiller.

Correspondence in the collection includes: responses to articles and editorials appearing in Nursing Outlook (1965-1983); letters related to other periodicals, Kelly serving on either the editorial board, or as an adviser; and correspondence concerning Sigma Theta Tau speaking engagements (1975-1996), including international events in Madrid (1983), Korea, Taiwan, China (1984), and Israel (1985). Notable correspondence includes letters of congratulations on her appointment to the Advisory Committee on Physician's assistant Programs from William E. Coombs, California Senator; George E. Daniels, California Representative; Ed Reinecke, California Lieutenant Governor (all 1971); and Robert J. Bruce, President of Widener University, Chester, an Pennsylvania (1984). 

Photographs in the collection include a number of black and white prints from trips to Japan and Brazil, as well as professional prints, head shots, and photos of graduating classes.

Audio/visual material in the collection includes an audio tape, summary, and program from the Second National Congress on Health Manpower, sponsored by the American Medical Association, Chicago, with Kelly as a participant (1974); and a videotape of a video conference on nursing case management , moderated by Kelly (1991). 

Memorabilia in the collection include: the Alumni Award, Kaleidoscope II, University of Pittsburgh School of Education (1980); Sigma Theta Tau National Officer Award for Distinguished Service as National President, 1983-1985 (1985); Medallion of Distinction, University of Pittsburgh Bicentennial 1787-1987 (1987); Teachers College, Columbia University, Nursing Education Alumnae Association R. Louise McManus Medal (1987); ANA Honorary Recognition Award (1992); and the Distinguished Service Award, Columbia University School of Public Health (1995).  Certificates in the collection include: the ANA Certificate of Service (1963; 1967; 1968; 1970; 1978-1983); a Certificate of Appointment and Commission of Kelly as a member of the Advisory Committee on Physician's Assistant Programs, signed by Ronald Reagan (1971); Michigan Nurses Association Certificate of Appreciation (1990-1995); American Academy of Nursing Certificate of Service (1987-1991); University of Pittsburgh Certificate of Recognition (1990); and New York State Nurses Association, various expressions of appreciation (1990-1995). Kelly also received Honorary Degrees from the University of Rhode Island, Doctor of Nursing Education (1977); Georgetown College, Doctor of Humane Letters (1983); Widener University, Chester, Pennsylvania, Doctor of Science (1984); American University, Doctor of Public Service (1986); and University of Massachusetts, Doctor of Science (1989).

Printed material in the collection includes: newspaper clippings (1963-1993); articles by Kelly including: "The New Baccalaureate Graduate in Nursing Service"; tear sheets from Nursing Outlook (1966); "Patient Needs in Pennsylvania," articles by Malcolm W. Miller, M.D., Lucie S. Young, Ph.D., Charles L. Leedham, M.D., and Dorothy J. novella, Ph.D., reprinted from Pennsylvania Medicine (1968); "The Role of the State Nurses Associations in Effecting Change in Nursing Practice: Proceedings of the State Boards of Nursing and ANA Advisory Council" (1968); "The Modern Nurse Administrator," Journal of Nursing Education, Vol. 8. No. 23 (1969); "Is There a Place for the Aquarian Nurse?" the keynote address at the Oklahoma State Nurses convention, published in Oklahoma Nurse (1970); "New World, New Nurse," the keynote address at the Arizona State Nurses Association Convention, published in Arizona Nurse (1971); "Physician's Assistants and the Law," published in Nursing Outlook (1972); "Physician's Assistants: Why, Who, and How?" a panel presentation, with Young discussing the ANA position on the physician's assistant question, published in the Journal of AORN (1972); "Institutional Incensure," tear sheets from Nursing Outlook, Vol. 21, No. 9 (1973); "Nursing Practice Acts," tear sheets from American Journal of Nursing, vol. 74, no. 7 (1974); "Nurse-Teacher Role Overlaps," tear sheet of a guest editorial for The American Nurse (1975); "Our Nursing Heritage: Have We Renounced It?" Image, vol. 8, no. 3 (1976); "Credentialing of Healthcare Personnel," reprinted from Nursing Outlook, vol. 7, no. 25 (1977); "The Rights of Young People in Health Care," tear sheet from Nurse Practitioner (1977); "The Future of Nursing Regulation," by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc., issues, vol. 5, no. 2 (1984); a cumulative index for the periodical Image, vols. 1-14 (1967-1983); and assorted issues of the periodical Reflections, vols. 1-17, no. 1 (1975-1991). There are a number of programs from a variety of Sigma Theta Tau events, including inductions (1982-1996); regional assemblies (1983-1985); and biennial conventions (1983-1991).  There are also programs and brochures from Sigma Theta Tau awards presentations (1985-1985); and other special programs (1978-1987).
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