Norcross, Mary E. (1890-1982)
The Mary E. Norcross collection consists of manuscripts, correpsondence, photographs, printed material, and miscellany.

The manuscript in the collection is an "Opening Song," written about Mary Norcross by her students for a Class Night program.

Correspondence in the collection includes personal and professional correspondence dating from 1926 to 1978.  Correspondents include s. Lillian Clayton, Stella Goostray, Lois Morgan, and others.  Also present are two letters from Norcross's grandfather, Dr. Thomas Womersley, the first medical doctor graduated from Dartmouth College.

Photographs in the collection includes a daguerreotype of Dr. Thomas Womersley, and a photograph of Helen Mary Womerseley, mother of Mary Norcross, Greenfield, MA, 1880, following her graduation from Wellesley College in 1879 (Norcross' mother was a member of the first class of eighteen women graduated by the college in 1879). Photographs taken at Children's Hospital, Boston, including: the sterilizing, operating, and supply rooms; the amphitheater, and Ward II (1915-1919); outdoor scenes (1915-1919); nurses, both individually and in groups (1915-1919); Christmas scenes; the Gardiner House entrance; and a Children's Hospital Circus (1915).  Photographs regarding Norcross' tenure at Philadelphia General Hospital include: the hospital entrance; the dental clinic; the men's operation ward; various administrators; a Thanksgiving Speech; and outdoor scenes.  Also present are several photographs of Norcross (1915-1940s).   

Printed material in the collection includes: a number of pamphlets created by the Children's Hospital, Boston (1930s-1940s), as well as various writings about the Children's Hospital published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the American Journal of Nursing, and elsewhere; four post cards of black and white sketches of the old Children's Hospital, issued on the 90th Anniversary of the Hospital (ca. 1959); Children's Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association Newsletter (1961); announcement of a curriculum change at the Children's Hospital School of Nursing (ca. 1963); 75th Anniversary Alumnae Day program (1964); School of Nursing Alumnae Return to Hospital for Annual Meeting, clipping from Children's Hospital News (1967); "Hospital Help: Where Can You Find It? How to Train It: an Interview with Dr. Leonard Cronkhite," by John Lennan, Boston Herald Traveler (1967); program from the Children's Hospital Annual Meeting (1968, 1975); "100 Years of Pediatric Care," Medical World News (1969); Children's Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association Class of 1928 Newsletter (1971); Special Reports, Children’s Hospital, Boston (1972); and other items.

Miscellaneous material in the collection includes: a copy of Norcross's birth certificate; a pin from Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, New York City, belonging to Helen Margaret Norcross, Mary's sister; a list of properties owned by the Womersley family; Massachusetts Nurses Board of Registration successful examination notification document (1919); American Red Cross Nursing Service Membership certificate (1920); Admittance Pass, Philadelphia General Hospital (1926); an American Red Cross Completion of Standard Course certificate (1928); and other items.
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1. Norcross, Mary E., 1890-1982
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