Balthasar, Mary (1944- )
The Sister Mary E. Balthasar collection consists of material associated with Bathasar's doctoral dissertation for the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY: Influential Factors Related to Differences between Requirements for Psychiatric and Gerontological Preparation in Baccalaureate Nursing Education Programs in the United States: A Historical Survey.  The collection includes manuscripts, audio recordings, and correspondence.

Manuscripts in the collection includes written transcripts of all the taped interviews, with written releases signed by the participants. Other manuscript material related to the doctoral dissertation includes: a title page; Balthasar's curriculum vitae; titles of the oral historians at the time of data gathering; and brief biographies of the psychiatric and gerontological experts interviewed.

Audio in the collection consists of cassette recordings of various psychiatric and gerontological nurses, most from 1982 and two from 1983.  These are: Faye G. Abdellah (gerentological, 1982); Barbara A. Davis (gerontological, 1982); Claire Fagin (psychiatric, 1982); Esther A. Garrison (psychiatric, 1982); Dorothy E. Gregg (psychiatric, 1982); Laurie M. Gunter (gerontological, 1983) ; Mary F. Liston (psychiatric, 1982); Dorothy V. Moses (gerontological, 1982); Hildarde E. Peplau (psychiatric, 1982); Mary T. Ramshorn (psychiatric, 1983); Edna M. Stillwell (gerontological, 1982); Virginia Stone (gerontological, 1982); Gertrud B. Ujhely (psychiatric, 1983); Mary Opal Wolanin (gerontological, 1982).

Correspondence in the collection consists of a letter sent from Balthasar: to those who contributed data to her dissertation; announcing successful completion of the dissertation; and archival storage of tapes and edited transcripts in the Nursing Archives at Boston University (1985).
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