Vreeland, Ellwynne (1909-1971)
The Ellwynne Mae Vreeland collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, memorabilia, and a photograph.

Manuscripts in the collection includes a draft of a speech, "Trends in Nursing Education Reflected in the Federal Medical Services," given at the symposium "Postgraduate Education Needs and Trends in the Federal Medical Services," 70th Annual Meeting of Military Surgeons of the United States (1963); "The Quest for Quality in Nursing, Background Working Paper for the Nursing Index Study," American Nurses Foundation, New York; and draft of "Stopwatch on a Great Life: Ellwynne Mae Vreeland Obituary 1909-1971," by Rita Chow (1971).

Printed material includes a number of articles published in various professional journals, dating from 1948 to 1966.

Memorabilia in the collection consists of Vreeland's medals, in a frame, including the World war II/United States of America 1941-1945 medal; the American Campaign/United States of America 1941-1945 medal; the Massachusetts General Hospital 1811-1961 One Hundred Fifty Years Celebration medal (1961); a National Defense medal; and a Public Health Service, United States of America, Meritorious Service, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare medal, engraved with Vreeland’s name. There are also a Massachusetts General Hospital Training School pin, engraved with Vreeland’s name and date of graduation (1934); American National Red Cross Pin No. 71277; a Pi Lamda Theta pin; and an identification bracelet, engraved with Vreeland's name and a Sagittarius charm.

The collection contains a photo of Lucile Petry Leone pinning medals on Ellwynne Vreeland with Marion Ferguson holding Vreeland's citation.
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1. Vreeland, Ellwynne, 1909-1971
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