Noles, Eva M. (1919-2015)
the Eva M. Noles collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and other items.

Manuscripts in the E collection includes a draft of an unpublished book of biographies of individuals in various fields, titled Buffalo's Blacks: Talking Proud (1986); drafts of articles and addresses, including "Hypothermia" (1961); "Nursing a Geriatric Patient" (1963), published in American Journal of Nursing; "Pathophysiological Aspects of Stroking" (1964); "ancer in the School Age Child" (1965), published in SNT Reporter; "What Nursing Means to Me" (1966); "A Comparison of Some of the Health Problems of Some American Indians and Some African Tribes with Those of the United States" (1967); "Socio-Economic Changes Affecting Family Life in the United States" (1967); "Orientation Made to Order" (1968); "Brotherhood" (1971); "Blacks in Nursing" (1973); "A Woman's Consciousness in This Changing World" (1973); "Changing Roles in Maternal and Neo-Natal Care" (1975); "Major Problems in Terms of the Adjustment Process Due to Aging" (ca. 1962); and "Cultural Differences and School Learning" (ca. 1965).

Printed material in the collection includes "How Central Service Grows," by Noles, reprinted from Hospital Management (1956); book reviews of Noles' books; "Six Decades of Nursing at Roswell Park, 1914-1974" (ca. 1975); "Black History: A Different Approach" (ca. 1988); and book publicity.

Correspondence in the collection includes various letters (1971-1974), including one from Ted Kennedy, Jr., son of Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy, responding to Noles' letter to his mother about his bone cancer.

Other items include photographs of a number of award certificates presented to Noles.
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1. Noles, Eva M.
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