Yura, Helen and Mary Walsh
The Helen Yura and Mary B. Walsh collection consists of manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, audio/visual material, memorabilia, professional material, and printed material.

Manuscripts by Yura in the collection include her paper "Factors Underlying Opinions about Mental Illness in the Personnel of a Large Mental Hospital," presented at a meeting of the American Psychological Association (1959); Yura's journal "Trip to Eight Countries in Europe" (1963); meeting minutes from the Catholic University of  America School of Nursing Committee on Educational Television (1966-1968); "Final Examination of Helen Yura for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy," School of Education, Catholic University of America, summary and conclusion (1970); "Who is the Product of the Baccalaureate Program?" (1976); "The Nursing Process Utilized in the Case of the Chronically Ill Adult" (1979); "History of the Master's Program in Nursing from Inception of the Idea to August 1979," Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (1972-1979); "The Nursing Process: Past, Present and Future," keynote address given by Yura to the American Cancer Society (1980); "Data about Organizational Units in Nursing in Colleges and Universities in the United States," a report by Helen Yura to Thomas Wallace (1980); "Professionalism and the Nurse" (1982); Yura's journal "Trip to China with Teacher's College Group" (1983); "Brokenness and Healing: Continuing Through Difficulties on the Journey" (1984); "Why Publish?" (1985); "Human Need Theory: A Framework for the Nurse Supervisor?" (1986); "Enhancing the Image of the Nurse: The Role of Nurse Supervisor" (1988); lectures and essays (1982-2000); "The Courage to Be a Nurse Scholar" (1989); Yura's journal "Trip to Russia" (1989); "Humor: A Research and Practice Tool" (1991); "Getting from Here to There: the Professionalization Process"; "Is There Room for Humor in Nursing Diagnosis Research?"; "A Sense of Humor is Good for Your Health"; "Nursing Research – for the Fun of It"; "A Sense of Humor is Serious Business"; "Climate to Foster Utilization of the Nursing Process"; "Nursing – A Personal Service"; "Role Expectations and Clarification of Identities"; "Newer Dimensions of Nursing: Nursing Education"; "My Life"; and "Operationalizing the Philosophy, Conceptual Framework and Terminal Objectives." 

Manuscripts by Walsh include "Ethics" (1939); "The Education of the Deaf" (1948); class notes on various lectures at University of Michigan School of Nursing (1950s); "Tuberculosis in the Eskimo in Alaska" (1950); a report on Walsh's activities in Iran (1975); "Professional Nursing – More than Wearing a White Uniform," Old Dominion University First Annual Helen Yura Research Symposium (1987); "Sigma Theta Tau – A Nursing Network" (1987); "Knowledge and Change," commencement address delivered by Walsh at Old Dominion University (1988); and "Gerontological Predictions," written for publication in Nursing 93 (ca. 1993). 

Manuscripts by both Yura and Walsh include: "The Nursing Process is a Problem If..." and  "Index – The Nursing Process."  Other collaborative drafts include: "Consequences Between Nursing Education and Nursing Service: A Common Conceptual/Theoretical Framework for Nursing Units," by Yura and Judith Brooks; "The Nurse Supervisor Charged with Change," by Yura and Sue Young; "Today's Conceptual Frameworks within Baccalaureate Nursing Programs," edited by Yura and Gertrude Torres; and "Students' Responsibilities as Active Contributing Members of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs in Nursing," by Yura and Dorothy Ozimek. 

Additional drafts in the collection include: "The Nursing Process," revised in 1972 for inclusion into the System Curriculum Committee Materials, by Elizabeth Bregg and Sue Ellen Reed (1972); "Report on the American Nurses Association Professional Practice for Nurse Administrators in Long-Term Care Facilities Project," by Mary Patricia Dodge (1983-1987); minutes, reports, data, and final report from the Tidewater Future, Inc. Health Opportunity Group Task Force on Nursing Education (1984); commencement address given at Catholic University of America by Monsignor John Tracy Ellis (1988); proposal to continue the “Teaching Nursing Home” concept at Catholic University of America (1988); "Testing Nursing's Human Need Theory in Persons with HIV Infection," a proposal for a doctoral dissertation by Marie N. Bremmer, annotated by Yura, University of Alabama Graduate School of Nursing (1989); "Validation of Nursing's Human Need Theory in Persons with HIV Infection," doctoral dissertation by Marie N. Bremmer (1990); and others.

Photographs in the collection include: Yura at her graduation from Central Catholic High School, Allentown, PA (1947); a Yura photo album (1947-1950), with photos of Yura, Walsh, Mary Liston, Dorothy Ozimek, and Eugenia Spalding (1950-1958);Yura and Walsh at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (1988); events, such as the awarding of honorary degrees, and the wedding of Helen Yura-Petro; Yura's trip to China (1983); Yura accepting an Honorary Degree from Villanova University (1984); Yura's course, "Teaching Curriculum Development to Graduate Students" (1985); a Christmas party for graduate nursing students (1986); Yura at her eightieth birthday (1998); Yura (2001); and Dorothy Ozimek's induction into the American Academy of Nursing.
Correspondence related to Yura includes: letters of recommendation; letters regarding professional appearances; letters on her writing (1952-1993); letters from Yura as editorial writer and consultant to various publications (1973-1988); letters to Yura dealing with unfortunate images of the nurse on television or in print (1977-1988); letters to Yura from the University of Dayton, Ohio, National Alumni Board of Governors announcing the selection of Helen Yura as the recipient of the Special Achievement Award (1979-1980); letters from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, concerning the arrangements around her being named recipient of the M. Adelaide Nutting Award (1997); personal correspondence to and from Yura, including family members (1974-2005); and correspondence from miscellaneous readers.  Correspondence related to Walsh includes: letters from Walsh to Directions in Gerontological Nursing Conference organizers; letters to Walsh from the American Healthcare Institute; and letters to Walsh from District of Columbia General Hospital (ca. 1989). The collection also includes letters between the Yura and Walsh and various publishing companies; various contributing authors of nursing books; colleges and universities; hospitals; the American Nurses Association; Sigma Theta Tau; the United States Catholic Mission Association; and the Department of the Army. Walter Reed Army Medical Center; and the American Red Cross regarding the Nurse Assistant Training Program (1974-1996). There is also correspondence from Yura and Walsh to the Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. registering their "Human Needs and the Nursing Process" series; letters between Yura and Walsh and their publishers, Appleton, Century, Crofts (1970-1987); Appleton and Lange (1987-1988); other publishers (1989-1983); and Aspen Publishing, concerning "Health Care Supervisor" (1982-1990).

Audio/visual material includes: audio cassettes of "NLN Accreditation," by Yura (1979); "Accreditation Workshop," a talk given by Yura at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (1980); "The Role of Nurses," an Old Dominion University Dialogue, by Yura; "Nursing Diagnosis Workshop," by Yura and P. Orfini, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (1982); "Critical Care Nursing Conference," with Yura and  P. Orfini (1983); "Humor: A Prescription for Health and Healing," Byzantine Congress (1994); "Dr. Gertrude Torres on The Development of the Conceptual Framework for Professional Nursing – Now Nursing's Metaparadigm" (1987); and "Accreditation and Licensure: Their Effects on Nursing Education and Service, Parts I and II".  Video recordings in the collection include: Yura at Sacred Heart School of Nursing; "Human Needs Framework: Critical Care Nursing," by P. Orfini (1983); "Sleep Lecture," by Helen Yura, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (1984); Yura's Presentation for Pitt County Memorial Medical Center (1986); Yura's course "Nursing 260" (1987); "Overview of the Nursing Process," by Yura (1987); "Dr. Yura, Old Dominion Nurses' Pinning" (1989); "Human Needs: a Framework to Enhance the Nurses' Image of Self," by Yura (1990); Yura's course "Nursing 304" (1992); "Human Needs Theory Class, Nursing 306," by Yura (1992); Yura's 1997 Byzantine Congress, "Human Needs: A Framework for Hope and Healing," presented by Yura (1997); 1999 Byzantine Congress, "Capturing the Past and Documenting the Present," presented by Yura; (1999) Yura's retirement lecture, Old Dominion University; Walsh giving the commencement Address and Receiving an Honorary Degree from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (1988); the wedding of Yura and J. Petro (1989); "Human Needs: A Framework for Enhancing the Nurses' Image of Self," a presentation by Yura to Marywood College, Scranton, PA (1990); Helen Yura and Arlene Stepnick interview (1991); and "The Recognition and Awards Ceremony," Old Dominion School of Nursing, Norfolk, VA (1991). 

Memorabilia regarding Yura includes: Glen Echoes, Central Catholic High school, Allentown, PA Yearbook (1947); diploma from Central Catholic High School, Allentown, PA (1947); Carmen Silva Sacred Heart Hospital Graduate School of Nursing, Allentown, PA Yearbooks (1948-1960); nursing diploma from Sacred Heart Hospital School of Nursing(1950); Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education diploma from University of Dayton (1953); certificate of membership to Alpha Sigma Tau Honor Society (1953); American Academy of Nursing award (1977); University of Dayton Alumni Association Special Achievement Award to Helen Yura, Ph. D. (1979);  Honorary Doctoral Degree, Villanova University (1984); Sigma Theta Tau Distinguished Lectureship Founders' Award (1985); Alan Rufus Tomelson Distinguished Faculty Award, Old Dominion University, (1998); Charter Founder Certificate of Appreciation to Joe and Dr. Helen Yura-Petro from the American Family Immigration History Center, Ellis Island, NY (1998); Dedication Yearbook of the Byzantine Catholic Church, Williamsburg, VA, with two pieces written by Yura (1989); and other items. Honors for Walsh include: the Catholic University of America Alumni Achievement Award (1978); Sigma Theta Tau Founders' Award in Recognition for Excellence in Education (1981); Sigma Epsilon Phi, Catholic University Chapter, in Recognition of Outstanding Academic Achievement, Leadership, and Community Service (1981);  Malcolm Grow U.S. Air Force Medical Center Certificate of Appreciation in Recognition of Honorable and Noteworthy Service in Support of the Medical Center Mission; Sigma Theta Tau, Kappa Chapter, Excellence in Nursing Award; Benemerenti Medal of Papal Recognition (1984); National League for Nursing Linda Richards Award Nomination (1984); Catholic University of America Mary B. Walsh Historical Reading Room named (1986); American Academy of Nursing Award (1987); an honorary doctoral degree from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (1988); and a certificate of charter membership in the Foundation to Promote a Memorial to Women in Military Service for America (1996).

Professional material in the collection documents various aspects of Yura's career (1947-1999). There are similar files for Walsh (1988-1997), with material related to Women in Military Service for America Memorial, including renderings of the proposed design, correspondence with the Memorial Foundation; and copies of the Foundation's newsletter, The Register (1968-1996). 

Printed material directly related to Yura and Walsh include: "One Decade of Accreditation Statistics 1964-1974," by Yura; "League for Nursing Department of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs" (1974); "Who Is the Nurse Practitioner?" by Yura and Dorothy Ozimek; "Nursing Leadership," by Yura, Aspen Systems Corporation (1984); "Human Need Theory: a Framework for the Nurse Supervisor," by Yura, Aspen Publishers, Inc. (1986); "Human Need Theory: a Framework for the Nurse Supervisor," by Yura, Healthcare Supervisor (1986); "Human Needs and Holistic Nursing Practice," by Yura, Journal of Holistic Nursing (1986); "The Nurse Supervisor: When Charged with Change," by Yura and S. Young, Health Care Supervisor (1986); "Is Your Nursing School Accredited? How It Is Done, Step by Step," a pamphlet by Yura and the National Nursing Accrediting Service; "A Sense of Humor is Serious Business," by Walsh; "Nursing Leadership Process," by Yura, Dorothy Ozimek, and Walsh, in Contemporary Leadership Behavior: Selected Readings, edited by Eleanor Horn and M. Jean Nicholson, Little, Brown, and Co. (1986); and galleys and proofs for The Nursing Process.  Printed items by Dorothy Ozimek include: "Initiating a Baccalaureate Degree Program in Nursing – Asking the Right Questions" (1974); "The Baccalaureate Graduate in Nursing: What Does Society Expect?" (1974); "Accreditation of Baccalaureate and Master Degree Programs in Nursing: A Comprehensive Review" (1974); and "The Future of Nursing Education" (1975).  Also present are: several articles by other authors (1953-1993); a proof of the second edition of Nursing Leadership: Theory and Process; and other items.

The collection also contains foreign editions of books by Yura and Walsh (1978-1993).
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