Erickson, Eva H.(1922-2014)
The Eva H. Erickson collection consists of professional materiail, manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and memorabilia.

Professional material in the collection includes a large number of files pertaining to in-service education workshops; these files contain printed material and correspondence (1963-1980). Other professional material includes annual reports; administrator's reports, and Superintendent's reports from Galesburg Cottage Hospital, Galesburg, IL (1942-1945, 1954); New York State General Hospital (1947); Children's Orthopedic Hospital, Seattle, WA (1955-1959); and Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital, Omaha, NE. There are also professional subject files (1945-1979).

Manuscripts by Erickson includes a number of papers presented by Erickson to: the Illinois Hospital Association; Pilgrim State Hospital (Brentwood, NY); Association of Western Hospitals (Seattle, WA); Washington State Hospital Association; the Rotary Club (Seattle, WA); Kings County Nurses Association; Bellin Memorial Hospital (Green Bay, WI); Iowa State Nurses Association; Western Illinois League for Nursing; Galesburg Cottage Hospital School of Nursing; Mental Health Institute (Mt. Pleasant, IA); Mt. Sinai Hospital (Milwaukee, WI); and the Council for Graduate Education for Administration in Nursing, Philadelphia, PA (1947-1983).  Other writings by Erickson include several essays, articles, and other drafts, published in various journals between 1947 and 1979.

Correspondence includes: letters related to her service with the American Red Cross, Knox County, Galesburg, IL (1941-1945); a letter from Mary Beard to the publication Red Cross Nurse (1941); letters from Erickson to graduates of the Cottage Hospital School of Nursing enrolled in military service during World war II (1942-1946); letters between Erickson and the American College of Hospital Administrators (1947-1967); correspondence between Erickson and Modern Hospital Publishing Co. (1949-1962); letters related to Erickson's work with the American Hospital Association (1950-1955); letters from the U.S. Public Health Service, requesting Erickson’s permission to quote from her article in Modern Hospital (1951); correspondence from the American National Red Cross concerning Erickson's article on Jane Delano in American Journal of Nursing (1951); letters related to Erickson's work with the Association of Western Hospitals (1955-1959); correspondence related to Erickson's work with the Washington State Department of Health Advisory Nursing Home Council and the State Joint Commission for the Improvement of Care of the Patient (1958-1960); letters with the National League for Nursing Intercouncil Task Force (1972-1973); correspondence with the American Nurses Association Council of Nursing Service Facilitators Executive Committee (1974-1978); Iowa Citizens League for Nursing (1978-1979); and correspondence with Karen H. Hildebrandt, American Academy of Nursing Certificate Examination Committee (1981).

Printed material includes various booklets, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and other items, including several published pieces by Erickson; all dating from 1938 to 1981.

Memorabilia includes honors, awards, and recognitions for Erickson.  These include: a certificate from the American Red Cross for Valued Service (1942-1943); a certificate from the American Red Cross, Volunteer Special Services, Motor Corps (1942); a certificate of membership in the U.S. Citizens Defense Corps (1942); a certificate for Meritorious Personal Service (1946); a certificate for Faithfully Performed Service (1952);  an appreciation from the American National Red Cross (1954); a citation from the Outstanding Educators of America (1971); a Thank You, Dr. Eva Erickson, appearing in The Facilitator, with a photograph and professional biography (1981); an Honorary Membership in the Council of Graduate Education for Administration in Nursing (1982); and a certificate honoring Eva Erickson's Service to the ANA 1978-1982 (1982).   
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