Leininger, Madeleine (1925-2012)
The Madeleine M. Leininger collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and other items.

Manuscripts in the collection includes a "Psychiatric Nursing Course" paper by Leininger; "An Evaluation of a Psychiatric Textbook for a Basic Course in Psychiatric Nursing" (1953); a binder of speeches by Leininger; and nursing research notes, seminar papers, and articles on transcultural nursing.

There is professional correspondence in the collection related to Leininger’s time as Dean of Wayne University, Detroit, Michigan; as well as correspondence concerning "Interdisciplinary Health Education in Cultural Nursing."

Printed material in the collection includes articles by Leininger: "Changes in Psychiatric Nursing," published in The Canadian Nurse (1967) "The Culture Concept and its Relevance to Nursing," published in The Journal of Nursing Education (1967); "The Research Critique: Nature, Function, and Art," published in Nursing Research (1968); "Ethnoscience: A New and Promising Research Approach for the Health Science," published in Image Magazine (1969); "Dean Proposes Educational Teamwork," published in Health Science Review (1971); "This I Believe: About Interdisciplinary Health Education for the Future," published in Nursing Outlook (1971); "Using Cultural Styles of People: Conflicts and Changes in the Subculture of Nursing," published in Psychiatric Nursing (1972); "An Open Health Care System Model," published in Nursing Outlook (1973); "Witchcraft Practices and Psychocultural Therapy with U.S. Urban Families," published in Mental Health Digest (1973); "Doctoral Programs for Nurses: Trends, Questions, and Projected Plans," published in Nursing Research (1976); "Issues in Nursing: A Learning Challenge, published in Vital Signs" (1977); "Quality of Educational life – Priorities for Today," published by the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education (1977); "Nursing in the Future, Some Brief Glimpses," published in Vital Signs (1978); "Caring: A Central Focus for Nursing and Health Care Services," published in Nursing and Health Care (1980); "Nursing Patients from Different Cultures," published in Nursing 80 (1980); "Madeleine Leininger's Unpublished Papers Vol. II," 1978-1980 (1980); "Qualitative Research Methods: A New Direction to Document and Discover Nursing Knowledge," published by The Center for Health Research News (1983); "Cultural Care: An Essential Goal of Nursing and Health Care," published by The Journal of Nephrology Nursing (1983); "Transcultural Nursing: An Overview," published in Nursing Outlook (1984); "Research: Essential to Explicate a Discipline of Nursing," published in Center for Health Research News (1984); "Transcultural Nursing: An Essential Knowledge and Practice Field for Today," published in Canadian Nurse (1984); and "Qualitative Research Methods: An Important Means to Document and Discover Nursing Knowledge," published in The Western Journal of Nursing Research (1984).

There is also one photograph of Leininger in the collection as well as one videotape for a Helical Scan Video Recorder titled "Three Eras in Nursing" (1974). 
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